Many people dream about starting their own business; but only 1 percent of them actually accomplish it. If you are prepared to put in the hard work here is one of the most easiest of the businesses you can start – a Digital Social Media Marketing Agency.

Here are 7 steps you can follow if you are game to start your own marketing agency:

Start by Marketing Yourself

The best way to show to the world that you are a capable marketer is to apply social media on yourself. You will have to initially spend some money to run social media experiments and find out what works. But the returns that you can get out of such experiments are amazing.

Pick niches that seem lucrative

The best way to start earning as a marketing agency is to focus on attracting high-value clients. Look for established doctors, dentists, and lawyers who don’t have to struggle to pay you. Once your strategies have worked for one dentist, it becomes easy to duplicate the same and produce consistent results for any other dentist across the world.

Come up with attractive packages

Having only one price for your services will not work as different clients may want different things. Offer a basic service package along with a VIP option. You can have one or two in the middle too. Make sure you differentiate them by the type of work you do.

Win clients as quickly as you can

Winning clients should be your top priority if you are starting a marketing agency. Ask your friends and family members and get a few referrals. Evaluate their websites and social accounts for free and tell them how you can help. Once you have secured clients and completed their projects get them to write testimonials for you.

Attract followers through engaging stories

If your business doesn’t seem interesting to your customers it is not going to survive for long. The most important thing you should learn here is to create a brand story. Make the story fun and compelling. Include a few behind-the-scene events and come up with an adventurous story that continues every day. If it is engaging enough people will come back to watch it every day.

Don’t forget to track results

If you want to get paid what you want, you will have to show that you deserve it. Prove it to your clients that you are getting them their returns. Use various analytics and tools that will help you track your marketing efforts. Show them the results.

Build a Team that will help you succeed

Doing everything on your own is possible; but it may not take you towards your growth. As you start making money, make it a point to hire some staff members and build a team to do all the heavy lifting. You can then focus on making money while they manage your everyday operations.

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