Teeth whitening is a procedure carried out to improve the color of the teeth, making it brighter by getting rid of the stains and discoloration on the enamel. Most people who opt for teeth whitening do it for cosmetic reasons, to have brighter and whiter smiles. People also do it to get rid of stubborn stains, like tobacco, wine, and coffee stains. Teeth may also be discolored from medications, the use of fluoride as a child, or even aging.

To whiten your teeth, bleach is applied on the teeth with a mouth guard covering other parts of the mouth. Laser lightening is also becoming another common method to use in whitening teeth.
Many salons and shops carry out teeth whitening, making it more accessible to people and there are so many options for people to even try it at home by themselves. While this may seem good and easy for people to do, it is always best to leave it to dentists or dental hygienists.

Although teeth whitening does not present any large risks, getting it done by a dentist ensures that you do it properly. Some of the disadvantages of opting for a salon or unsupervised teeth whitening include:

1. Illegality

Some salons run teeth whitening without approval from bodies in charge. This puts you at the risk of patronizing an illegal set up and it could get you in trouble with authorities if the salon gets exposed.

2. Improper Procedure

The people who conduct the teeth whitening procedure in salons and other centers are, some times, inexperienced, not knowing how to properly do it. This can result in whitening that does not last or create other problems such as teeth and gum sensitivity.

3. Ineffective kits

There is also the issue of teeth whitening kits bought at stores being ineffective and lacking in enough concentration of bleach. This means that they have short-lasting effects and do very little to whiten your teeth.

In order to avoid such problems, it is best to consult a dentist to help you with your teeth whitening. He may choose the in-office or at-home treatment for you, depending on factors involved. Having a dentist do your teeth whitening for you has so many advantages, including

1. Examination

A dentist may decide to consult an examination on your teeth before starting the whitening. This allows him to look out for cracks and wears, and other signs of bad teeth, like decay or even oral cancer. This can lead to early treatment of such cases, saving you money and sparing you from the pain.

He would also ask necessary questions to find out what has caused the stains so he knows how to prepare the solution.

2. Personalized treatment

Compared to shops and over the counter products, a dentist would streamline the teeth whitening plan according to your needs. Maybe you have thin enamel, or the stains on your teeth are so stubborn, he would know how to reduce or increase the solution to meet your needs. He also makes the mouthguard to fit your mouth perfectly so that the bleach does not get to areas it is not needed.

3. Supervision

A dentist would pay proper attention to the whitening procedure, checking for signs and monitoring your progress. He would know whether it is fit for you to continue, or if your teeth are white enough for treatment to stop.

4. Options

A teeth whitening session with a dentist can either take place in his office or your home. Either way, the dentist would be very involved in it, measuring the solution for you to use at home so that it is just as effective. This allows you to still stay home and have your teeth whitened if you do not like the area surrounding your dentist’s office.

5. Duration

Teeth whitening done by the dentist takes less time because there is a more concentrated effort at each session, to make sure that your teeth get very bright in as little time as possible. Other shops and salons may speed up the process, but this puts you at risk of having a bad job done.

6. Perfect Results

A dentist would carry out the treatment until he is sure that your enamels are at their brightest. This means that your teeth stay whiter for longer.

It is important to have your teeth whitening Sydney done by a registered dentist as it ensures you have rest of mind. The right products are used and it is conducted in a controlled environment for your safety, and, most importantly, the results are long-lasting. For a brighter and confident smile, visit your dentist today to get started.