When moving to a new area, it’s natural to worry about choosing a neighborhood because you want to move to a place that offers everything according to your expectations. If you’re planning to move to LA, you’re lucky! This place has a lot to offer when it’s about picking one of the amazing neighborhoods.

The choice could be a bit overwhelming as any one of the neighborhoods could be the place for your new home. There’s more info here which will help you in searching for some luxury apartments. Besides, we’ve narrowed down the most popular neighborhoods of LA below so you can easily decide where exactly you want to live in LA.

1.Atwater Village

In this area, you’re right between Glendale and Silver Lake. This also means you’ll have access to all the necessary facilities without having to be in the hubbub of things. The average rent for a one-bedroom is about $1,800 per month.

The people living in the Atwater Village have a great transportation system through which they can get to the eastside hotspots or northwest LA quite easily. As for the housing itself, you’ll have a range of choices that actually have unique features. An older generation usually resides here, with an increasingly diverse population as well. It’s perfect for families, coffee lovers, and those wanting a balanced life.

2.Beverly Grove

This area is right in the middle of the city, so you’ll have easy access to the beach or the east side. It’s got that classic LA charm, but the rent is higher than that of Atwater Village. You’ll have the freeways nearby, but traffic conditions aren’t too ideal. However, most other neighborhoods are accessible even without the freeways.

Overall, this place could be like living in a giant mall all the time. There are popular restaurants abound, with bookshops and movie theatres rubbing shoulders. The Farmers’ Market is also a great attraction along with a vast variety of eateries.

3.Beverly Hills

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/beverly-hills-california-2008762/

Many who live in Beverly Hills claim that they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! This is an area where you can get just about everything you need in your locality. It’s also a lavish place, with extremely high rental rates as well. The transport is much like Beverly Grove, but the traffic is lighter.

If you can afford it, this is the place to be in LA. If you can’t, the area might serve as a motivation for all of us to work harder and take more risks in order to be one of the chosen few. You’ll get fine dining, the top designers, and luxury locations along with a very close-knit feeling all around.

4.Santa Monica & Venice

This area is also known as the Westside. It’s a haven for those who want to get back to the walking and biking basics. You’ll also get great dining establishments, shopping places, and entertainment options. The Madrid Townhomes in LA wait to give you a comfy, friendly, and fun living experience.

The crazy 10 freeway might induce fear in you, but it will be fine as long as you shun the east side. On the other hand, you have quaint places as well as modern additions all over the neighborhood. The weather is mostly cool and pleasant, and the beach is right there by your side. Again, if you can afford the rent, you should choose this option without a second thought.

5.Culver City

The affordable rent and upscale environment of Culver City should make it a favorite for most middle-class families. You have the 10 and 405 freeways nearby, with the Expo line providing even more convenience.

This is also the place where you have the Columbia Pictures and Sony studios. These provide both employment and entertainment, while the huge Platform mall provides everything else.