Truck alignment is an incredibly valuable step in vehicle maintenance. Whether you own trucks, trailers, buses, cube vans, and the like, alignment is necessary to ensure that you remain safe on the road. The main point of alignment is to keep your vehicle balanced so that the tires are evenly worn and can properly grip the road.

Misalignment compromises the safety of the driver by making them susceptible to accidents. With millions of truckers in America, it is only natural that there is a large market for vehicle maintenance and alignment.

If you own a maintenance shop or are planning to start one, you are probably aware of the hassles that come with regular vehicle upkeep. For one, they take far too long, so drivers tend to skimp on that to be on-track with their hours of service. And the process of rolling, pushing, and lifting heavy vehicles require a lot of human resources.

Imagine being an owner-operator of a trucking business with a fleet of over 60 and having to maintain every single one. That is a lot of time that drivers can otherwise use for driving.

That is why it is crucial to own a good semi truck alignment machine. With a modern machine, vehicle upkeep can be done swiftly, accurately, and without the need for a substantial workforce. Here are some things to consider when choosing an alignment machine.


Perhaps the bane of impatient truckers, time off-service is less pay per day, so they want everything done quickly and efficiently.

To avoid all the difficulties of alignment, upgrade your services by purchasing a semi truck alignment machine with FastTrack technology. It will allow you to measure suspension angles accurately in just a couple of minutes while being able to maneuver from bay to bay with a smartphone.

Quick, accurate, and reliable alignments will allow your mechanics to work on more trucks, increasing your shop’s profits and benefitting truckers at the same time. It is a win-win situation.


Manual alignment is labor-intensive, takes far too long, and often requires drivers to visit a shop to avail of the service.

Excellent semi-truck alignment machines are portable and do not require pushing, rolling, and raising the vehicle. It is because the calibration is done optimally by attaching FastClamps to tires and measuring with the machine. As a result, you can fix vehicles from anywhere without compromising quality.

Portability is one of the most excellent benefits for your maintenance shop. By being able to bring your services to various places, you can fix more vehicles each day. You will notice an increase in profit and productivity in your shop as well, as fewer mechanics and large machines are required to do alignments.

Safety and Ease of Use

You should consider a semi truck alignment machine that is easy to operate. It will ensure that training your mechanics and helping them transition from old practices will not be troublesome.

Choose one with excellent customer service and provides various training options, including on-site training for advanced alignments. The service provider should also allow fleet managers to check and adjust their vehicles’ steer axle toe after every service cycle. It ensures that problems are dealt with immediately so that drivers are always safe on the road.

With properly-aligned vehicles on the road, accidents are less likely to happen, contributing to overall road safety.