A clean carpet in a commercial premise is not up to debate. The general outlook of your company impacts how the different stakeholders perceive your business. With a clean carpet, you project an image of a company that pays attention to details and is a great place to work.

To keep your carpet clean, you need top of the range cleaning methods. Here are some of the top commercial cleaning methods to consider:

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Even though it has been available for decades, the advancements in technology have seen an increase in uptake of dry carpet cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend the cleaning method due to its effectiveness and convenience. It does not require time to dry up.

Dry carpet cleaning involves applying a cleaning compound under the carpet using a rotating brush. This cleaning method opens up all the carpet fibers for cleaner results. The biodegradable components of the cleaning compound absorb most of the dirt in the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning is excellent for commercial properties that are operational full time.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is one of the most used commercial cleaning methods. It is safe and effective to use and comes with clean results. The technique involves applying high pressured hot water into the carpet. The water dissolves into the carpet fiber to remove dirt.

Include a cleaning agent on the carpet for a few minutes then rinse. After this, you take the carpet out to dry.


Encapsulation involves applying synthetic detergents to turn dirt particles into powder. It is followed by vacuuming or brushing away the dust.

The cleaning method is an excellent choice for most companies as it requires less water and needs shorter drying time. It is also environment-friendly as it does not leave behind a lot of chemical residues.

Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Understanding the best carpet cleaning methods is the start of your cleaning process. The execution is as important as the method. For assured cleaner results, you need a commercial carpet cleaner with the expertise and necessary cleaning tools.

A reliable commercial carpet cleaner has been in the business for some time and understands the most effective cleaning methods. They also come with the tools to clean even the hard to reach spots. Additionally, carpet cleaning companies have insurance covers such that you are not liable for any damage during the cleaning services.

Choosing the cleaning service can be a little time consuming, though if you don’t know what to look for. The first consideration is experience. Look for a company that has worked for some time with several references. While the budget is also essential, do not compromise on quality, looking to save some money. Generally, working with a cleaning service is time and money-saving. You let the company handle the cleaning while you use the time on other productive work.

Bottom Line

A clean carpet is excellent for your business performance and growth. A cleaner environment is essential for productivity and increases engagement. Choose a reliable commercial carpet cleaning services to apply the right cleaning method for your business carpets.