Side Effects of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is among the over 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids that exist in marijuana or the cannabis plant. CBD proponents claim that it is capable of treating a vast variety of health issues, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and cardiovascular complications.

However, some research shows that the use of CBD oil may trigger various side effects, including the following:

Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth
If you smoke cannabis, you’ve probably experienced the dry mouth sensation. This typically happens after smoking a couple of joints, leaving you feeling like you have a cotton ball in your mouth. Fortunately, a glass of water or juice can neutralize the feeling almost instantly.

This dry mouth sensation is attributed to the fact that cannabis reduces saliva secretion. Namely, CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system, which are found in the salivary glands, thereby inhibiting salivary secretions and hence causing dry mouth.

Inhibition of Drug Metabolism

A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) revealed that CBD interacts with drug-metabolizing enzymes, such as the cytochrome P450 family. This group of enzymes is responsible for metabolizing most of the pharmaceuticals used in human treatment.

Taking large doses of CBD would result in the cannabinoid temporarily deactivating the P450 enzymes, thereby altering the drug metabolization processes in your body. While this action of CBD can be considered a side effect, it’s not always a detrimental trait. That’s because the neutralization of P450 enzymes is one of the mechanisms through which CBD also deactivates THC.

Parkinsonism-aggravating Effects

In a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience in 2009, patients with dystonic movement disorders were given oral doses of the CBD ranging from 100 to 600mg per day over six weeks together with standard medications.

While all of the patients exhibited improvements in movement disorders, various side effects were noticed, including hypotension, lightheadedness, psychomotor slowing, dry mouth, and sedation. In fact, doses over 300mg per day aggravated hypokinesia and resting tremor.

Following these side effects, the researchers concluded that cannabinoid has Parkinsonism-aggravating effects in humans. Conversely, a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology in 2004 stated that CBD is effective in enhancing the quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure
Higher doses of CBD has been found to cause a slight decrease in blood pressure. This usually occurs within a few minutes of CBD entering your system.

Following the drop in blood pressure, you may experience some lightheadedness. If you are under any blood pressure medications, it’s advisable to seek your doctor’s advice before taking CBD. The Hemp Captain can also give you more information on the benefits and side effects of CBD.

In Conclusion

CBD is considered a safe substance for humans to take, but it has a few side effects. These may include dry mouth, inhibition of drug metabolism, increased tremor in some Parkinson’s patients, and low blood pressure. You should always consult a medical professional before using CBD to minimize the risk of these side effects.