With a river that runs through its heart, trains that run beneath its surface and roads that traverse nearly every inch of its 7,000 acres, central London has a wealth of ways it can be explored.

We love exploring London and each time we visit we always discover new places, but with so many transport options, it can often be confusing as to which is the best way to explore the city.

The Tube

Perhaps the most famous, the Underground is the preferred transport of choice offering commuters a fast and relatively cheap way to get around.

Home to the world’s first underground railway, the Tube is used by around 2 million people every day. We find this can be quite daunting with little ones, especially around rush-hour, but love to use it as quick way to get from A-B on our days in the city.


Travelling by bus is often much slower compared with the Tube because of the sheer volume of traffic, however, travelling by bus does have its advantages- and we do enjoy sitting on top of a double decker watching the world go by.

As more and more buses are electric it’s becoming one of the greenest ways to travel the city.

The Overground

We always take the train in to central London and find that Off-Peak tickets offer us the best value for money as a family, as well as quieter carriages compared with peak periods.

Once you arrive in London you can decide whether to take the Tube or stay above ground and take another mode of transport.


The River Thames has been used for millennia to transport everyone and everything along its 215 miles, and a trip along the Thames is one of our favourite ways to explore the city from the comfort of a River cruise.

As a family this is the easiest way to tour the city, or at least the river bank, and then we can head off on foot afterwards.


Walking is perhaps our favourite way to explore the city. It’s easy to wander for hours from borough to borough from Camden to Mayfair, Belgravia to Lambeth. Each borough has something different to offer.

There are so many walking routes in London so it’s easy to find the one that suits you and your family, we especially love a stroll along the Southbank in any season.

London has a wealth of things to discover and each mode of transport lets you explore it in a different way, so next time you head to the capital why not travel in a new way- you may see an undiscovered corner you’ve never noticed before.