Whether you’re a novice trekker or an adrenaline junkie, trekking is something that can take you out of your comfort zone every time. This mind-blowing and challenging adventure is a straightforward test of your courage and stamina. Trekking is an ultimate activity allowing you to push your boundaries so that you can grow and enjoy a rejuvenating experience that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Thanks to the numerous trekking options in India, one can easily choose a trek as per his/her capability and strength. Treks here attract thousands of adventure enthusiasts from every corner of the world, be it a beginner or expert. We have put forward a variety of exhilarating and action-packed treks for beginners so that they can explore nature’s bounty without undergoing extraordinary stress and challenge.

So, if you’re an amateur and want to take the hands-on experience of trekking then go through the list of top 5 treks for beginners which introduces a beginner with charisma and appeal of trekking at high altitudes.

1. Brighu Lake Trek – A Heavenly Trek to a Sacred Lake

Fascinating natural vistas, verdant rich forests, lush meadows, and snow-capped mountains are some of the characteristics of this heavenly Brighu Lake Trek.

  • Nestled at an altitude of 14,000 ft. in Kullu district, this trek allows you to stumble upon meadows from thick forest and the sudden change in views is charming and startling.
  • This trek is where the trekkers can easily step into the meadows within ten minutes from the start of the trek eventually gaining a height of 14,000 ft in a matter of just three days. What a feat!
  • The experience of witnessing the alluring Brighu Lake, where everything is calm and quiet and the massive views of Hanuman Tibba and the Seven Sisters Peak are something that you would want to keep coming back to!
  • Here, trekkers can catch stunning views of Brighu Lake which changes its color, shape, and size every season.

2. Tarsar Marsar Trek – Unleash the Glorious Splendor of Kashmir

Trekking in Kashmir is completely different from trekking anywhere else in our country. Known as Heaven on Earth, Kashmir puts its best foot forward with the beautiful Tarsar Marsar Trek.

  • Kashmir is the only place in India where you get the chance to trek and camp next to the most elusive emerald blue alpine lakes. Such a setting doesn’t exist anywhere else in India.
  • Along with alluring alpine lakes of Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundersar, this trek is dotted with exquisite meadows which make this trek even more magical.
  • As you climb higher in this trek, you’ll get to see different velvet-like grasslands of Kashmir – something trekkers can never afford to miss.
  • Though this trek is laced with spectacular landscape, pristine lakes, enchanting mountains, and shimmering beauty, it doesn’t present a lot of physical challenges and thus it is ideal for beginners.

3. Har Ki Dun Trek – A Doorway to Ancient Himalayan Villages

Har Ki Dun Trek is a winter wonderland for trekkers. From charismatic alpine meadows and pine forests to moraine ridges and ancient villages, this trek has everything to fell in love with.

  • Situated at the western flank of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttrakhand and nestled in the middle of a cradle-shaped valley, this trek is a trekker’s delight and a stairway to heaven.
  • Known for its rich flora and fauna and numerous ancient Himalayan villages, this trek provides trekkers with an opportunity to experience the wonderful slow-paced local lifestyle.
  • Har ki Dun trek is ideal not only for adventure buffs and nature lovers but for wildlife enthusiasts as well. Here, you’ll get a chance to spot languor families, Barasingha, wild boars, Himalayan griffins, golden eagles and black bears.
  • This trek is steeped in mythology and takes you back in time.

4. Digar La Trek – Witness the Spectacular Beauty of Ladakh

Ladakh, the moment you hear this word, you start imagining tough climbs, sheer adventure and difficult weather conditions which are not ideal for an amateur trekker. However, this is just a myth as beginners do have the chance to explore the charming beauty of Ladakh in the Digar La Trek.

  • Sitting at an altitude of 18,000 ft., this trek establishes a beautiful connection between Indus Valley and Leh with Nubra Valley and believe me guys, it is drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Also known as Leh Nubra Pangong Tso Circuit, this trek is like a goldmine for Ladakh sightseeing.
  • The best part of Digar La Trek is that the higher you climb, the more irresistible the views get. From the mighty Karakoram Range in the North to the superb Zanskar Range in the south, the Digar La Trek is the best way to explore Ladakh.
  • This trekking circuit eventually takes you to the exquisite Pangong Tso Lake, a photographer’s paradise.

5. Nag Tibba Trek – Hidden Gem near Mussoorie

Nag Tibba Trek is a popular weekend trek near Mussoorie ideal for beginners for its stunning views.

  • Pinpointed in the lower Himalayas of Uttarakhand, this weekend trek lets you go up on one side of the mountain and come down from another side, getting to witness astounding views and variety of landscapes throughout.
  • With a maximum altitude of 9915 ft, this trek poses no threat for altitude sickness and thus perfect for beginners who want to enjoy a rejuvenating weekend in the calm depths of forested mountains.
  • The best part of this trek is camping in the night at the edge of the forest, overlooking undulations of Himalayan green slopes.
  • This trek begins from Pantwari, a beautiful hamlet in the vicinity of Dehradun-Mussoorie. You can do this trek both in the Summer and Winter season.
  • Nag Tibba Trek ends with unleashing the angelic views of Swargarohini and Bandarponch group of peaks.

So do you want to enter the world of trekking and start ticking off treks from your list? Then these treks are the perfect way to start your trekking journey and add a thrilling chapter to the book of your life.