If you’re looking for ideas for your next date location, we first need to differentiate between if it’s a first date, or a follow-up date, as these are two very different things. First dates will generally be with either someone you don’t know at all, or you don’t know very well. The whole point of the date is to get to know the person, and find out if you’re compatible enough to get to a second date. The next type of date is generally a little bit further on in the relationship, starting from the second date, but really a few weeks into the relationship. You can change your approach to dates later on as you get more comfortable with the person, and don’t have to play it as safe anymore.

The main things to consider for your first date are to make sure your date is comfortable, and that you can stop the date at any time if it isn’t going well, and then to facilitate an environment where you can get to know each other better. If you found each other on a dating site where black women looking to date white men, or you met on Tinder or Bumble, you’ll most likely need to get the groundwork set, and find out about each other on a basic level.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few more ‘ground rules’ to keep your first date on track:

Keep it cheap.

This is your first date, and depending on how it goes, we generally recommend not splashing out hundreds of dollars on a date that clearly isn’t going anywhere. Once you know that this person may be someone you want to see on a long-term basis, then you can start spending a bit of money.

Create conversation starters.

One of the biggest fears on first dates is that you’ll run out of conversations, and that the silence will be awkward. A great idea is to go somewhere that gives you lots to talk about. An example of this may be a museum where you can comment on the exhibits, or maybe farmers’ markets where there are lots of interesting stalls (and good food) for you to sample. This is also a lot less intense than sitting face to face in a restaurant with nothing else to keep you entertained.

Try to pick somewhere interesting.

This doesn’t have to be anything earth-shattering, but try to stay away from the typical food and movie date night if you can. Your date has probably been on a million of them already. In keeping up with our last two tips, something like mini golf or bowling could be a perfect first date as they are both cheap, will give you lots to talk about, and will be memorable for your date.

Hopefully, these tips help you have a successful first date. Once you’ve cemented a good foundation with your date, you can then start looking at more exciting dates to continue to strengthen your relationship, and get to know each other even better.