Linear Drains Clean

Before talking about the tips for cleaning the linear drains, let’s first talk about linear drains, what they are and how they can benefit us as compared to the traditional ones.

Linear drains are also known as line or trench drains, and these drains help you in getting rid of the shower water easily and quickly. These drains are flat with the floor of the shower, and they even can fit any place in your wet room, wherever you want them to. The only thing people need to consider before installing a linear drain is that there must be a little slope on the floor where you place the drain so that the water can automatically go straight into the drain. Linear drains aren’t only effective for quick water drainage, in fact, these drains look pretty cool too, and the best part is that the linear drain industry is quite vast and here you’ll have several options to choose from. Like, you can choose the style, design, and color of the drain just as you like it.

ECT linear drains are so far the best ones and the most reliable ones and even if you opt for any other company then just make sure that they are providing you the quality product that will work for you for a long time. Now, back to the topic of today, if you are someone who wants some really effective tips on how to keep your linear drains clean then you are at the right place, reading the right article.

Today we are here with some of the most effective and easy tips that can help you clean the dirt and debris off your linear drain and make it shine like you just installed it.

1-Removing the drain cover

Removing the drain cover
First you need to remove the cover of the drain very carefully and use some sort of a paper towel or a cleaning cloth to remove all the hair, soap and scum stuck on the cover and the inside of the drain.

2-Using a scrub brush

scrub brush
Every house has one and if you don’t have a scrub brush then get it right now because that’s a pretty important thing that can aid you in cleaning especially when it comes to cleaning the linear drains. You just have to use the scrub brush and water to thoroughly clean the drain and even if you want to use a cleaner, just make sure that it isn’t harmful for the stainless steel of the drain or the tiles in your shower room. Also, make sure that your scrub brush isn’t too hard as that will then put scratches on the tiles and the steel cover of the drain. A glass cleaning brush will be the best option to choose in this case.

3-Cleaning the drain base

Cleaning the drain base
Now clean the drain base because you don’t want the soap or hair to block the base. You can use the same stuff like the brush or a cleaning cloth to get rid of all the debris stuck in the base.


A clean linear drain will help you get rid of the water quickly and not only this, in fact, cleaning it will make the drain look like you just bought one. So, now without wasting any more time, if you have a linear drain at your place then start cleaning it right now and if you haven’t yet bought one then make some research, do your homework and buy a quality linear drain right now.