When it comes to making a house a more comfortable place to live in, home decorations are items that you should never overlook. They help make the space a lot more personalized, enhancing your identification and eventual attachment to the area where you spend a lot of your time in.

Wood is a good material to use in creating home decors. It can be both rustic and elegant, depending really on how it is treated or crafted. In this article, we present three wooden home decor items that will surely make you swoon.

Corner Shelf that is Supported by a Log

If you are one of those people who want wood to retain its natural shape and texture, then a log-supported wooden shelf in one of the corners in your home will be the best piece for you. This will give you enough storage space for your books, shoes, and even other home decors. Also, this wooden item will also give your home a touch of nature, especially if you sprinkle it with some lush greens here and there.

A touch of nature in a room is really important because it helps alleviate stress, as many studies have shown. Now how to create or install this piece, you ask? Simple. Just have a log mounted from floor to ceiling in one of the corners in your room. You then insert V-cut wooden panels to maximize the corner space, and voila! The shelf is ready for use.

Exotic Coffee Table Centerpieces and/or Mantel Decorations

Certain species of wood, especially the bigger ones, have this elegant curve and patterns on them. And these elegant elements can be found even in tree parts that are assumed to be not useful, like shattered trunks because of a storm or an asymmetrical big branch that fell because of strong winds.

Let your creative juices flow and transform a wooden chunk into a natural-looking but highly elegant coffee table centerpiece or mantel decoration. All you have to do is cut the chunk up into a manageable piece and then treat it with varnish or lacquer to bring out its color and shine. If you want to take it a little further, you can carve out little circles for tea lights. If you’re imagining it, this will really serve as a great wooden home decoration for all seasons.

Dining Table Centerpiece that can Double as Coasters

Wooden dining tables will look extra nice if they are paired with wooden chairs and wooden accessories. Many love putting centerpieces on tables, and if you are one of these people, then we have just the right practical idea for you. Cross-section cuts of small to medium-sized branches can serve as a very good centerpiece. Just stack them creatively and accentuate with small potted plants with drooping leaves and you are good to go. These cross-section cuts or wood slices can also serve as coasters for your glasses when you start eating. Now, talk about dual purpose!

Decorating with wood is fun. Your imagination is practically the only limit. So go ahead and play with ideas. Who knows, your wooden item might be the next big thing on Pinterest or Instagram!