Orchid flowers are found everywhere in the world, mostly people do not recognize the presence of Orchid flowers. Either there is cold or hot it will not affect the orchid. The orchid can grow in every season that’s why these flowers exist on a large scale. The orchid flower has lots of species that are found in different regions of the world. In this article I am going to show you some real facts about the orchid flower, most probably you don’t know about them.

1. Orchid is the world’s largest Flower Family

As we have mentioned orchids are the most found flower in the world, almost all of them grow in every region. According to a survey , the orchid flower is 10% of all plants in the world so you can see there is a big ratio of orchid flowers. The orchid flower consists of more than 25,000 species so this is the reason the orchid flower is considered as the world’s largest flower family.

2. Vanila is the specie of Orchid

Do you like ice cream? If yes then you should know about the vanilla flavor. Actually this flavor comes from the flower that’s name is vanila. The vanila is the most popular species of the orchid flower and lots of people still don’t know about this fact. People think the vanila is an artificial flavor which is quite wrong, the vanila is the natural flavor that is coming from orchid flowers, this is the reason the orchid delivery is so fast in the entire world.

3. Orchid Pranks the Neighbours

Orchids are very friendly flowers, they like to play with the neighbours, either flowers or other things. The orchid knows some tricks to prank the neighbour. Such as if there is male insect on it’s neighbour then orchids will act as the female insect and vice versa. The orchid flower has the ability to attract insects and human beings to through its beauty. The orchid can also mimic the insects and other flowers nearby.

4. Orchid also use for Medicines

In ancient times the chinese were use the orchid flower as medicine. The orchid flower has healing power so whenever any person gets sick or gets injured, the orchid flower is the first option. Nowadays the orchids are still used for creating medicines. Large medical firms are using these flowers in their medicines. The singers are using the syrup of this flower in their teas or coffees because they believe it creates the sweetness in the voice and prevents them from any health issues.

5. Orchid Kill Fungus

If you have a lawn in your place then you should be familiar with the term fungus. The fungus develops where the water level is high, it seems like green color and makes the area slippery. Orchids are the natural solution of the fungus. If you have planted the orchid flowers in your lawn then you will never face fungus.