Representing any town to someone is always challenging since there are many places to see and you need to plan everything carefully. However, the first thing you need to do is to meet your friends as soon as they arrive, and Dusseldorf Arrivals mapcan be extremely helpful in this situation.

If your friends want to see everything at the same time, then here is a good guide to give them everything that Dusseldorf has.

See everything at once

If your friends literally want to see the whole Dusseldorf at once, then you should take them to the Rhineturm. It is 240.5 meter-high with the observation deck at the height of 164 meters. It offers unrestricted views of Dusseldorf with the mighty river Rhine, stunning bridges, classic and modern architecture, and marvelous gardens. It also has a restaurant.

The river Rhine

Being an inseparable part of Dusseldorf, the Rhine always attracts visitors. It may be a short cruise on the river, or you can have a great cruise visiting such historical zones as Kaiserwerth and Zons. Such cruises are especially great during summer since you will never forget a sunset on the Rhine.

The longest bar

The “Old Town” (or Dusseldorf Altstadt) is located along the Rhine. Around 300 bars, pubs and small breweries are located here and they are all connected, so they form the longest bar. This is one of the most cheerful places, where locals and tourists like spending their time. Being here, you have to order the world-famous Dusseldorf dark copper-colored beer called “Altbier”.

It is the time for some activity

If your friends prefer adventures and they like various activities, then you should take them to Querfeldein, which is the perfect place for people who like challenges. It is located near a lake and it offers various options for visitors – from a long-day course to an event that lasts for several days. Here you can find:

  • A high rope course
  • Adventure games
  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Climbing

If you are not ready for these kinds of activities, then you should consider visiting various Pilates studios, like Pilates Essenza, Pilates Time, Youpila or Pilateszeit, etc.

Hotrod Tour Düsseldorf is a perfect option for people who prefer cruising around at a high speed. You get a mini hotrod that can go as fast as 85 km/h. There are several tours available, including on weeknights.

You can always get a great bike at Ferghana to cycle around the city without missing anything.

The art galleries

The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is the art collection that is separated into two major parts – K20 and K21. K20 is dedicated to the art of the 20th century – it encompasses Cubism, Surrealism, Dada, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, etc.

K21 encompasses the art dating from the 1970s to the modern art.

K20 is a modern building designed by Arne Jacobsen, while K21 is the Neo-Renaissance building.

Hofgarten – the famous park of Dusseldorf

This park is the best place to relax. There are various modern sculptures and historic monuments located here. One of the most popular sculptures is the Märchenbrunnen (“children and the frog”) near the pond. This park is surely worth visiting, especially after a long day enjoying Dusseldorf’s special hospitality.