Although this is a common occurrence in many homes, many homeowners are found at a fix of not knowing what to do when such issues with their taps happen. When the fixing of the taps is not done by a licensed and certified plumber, you can be sure that you will have issues in the future.
Just as you do routine check up of your gutters and other fixtures, you need to do a routine check up on your drainage system. Nevertheless, you may not have enough knowledge to do a thorough inspection to an extent of noticing a faulty pipe even in the hidden place. This is where you need a plumber to fix leaky taps and pipes. But what really causes leaky taps?

Causes of Leaky Taps

Keeping your faucets in good working condition is one way you can reduce the water bills significantly. Fortunately, all these leaky taps can be repaired and fixed easily by a professional plumber at very low price guarantee. Here are some of the causes of leaky taps:

  • O ring issue

O ring is a small disc that is usually attached to the stem screw. The stem screw holds your faucet in place. When the O ring becomes loose or it wears out, it causes the tap to leak around the handle. This can be fixed easily by an experienced plumber.

  • Corroded or rusted valve seat

This is the connection between the faucet and the spout. When the sediments accumulate it can cause the valve seat to eventually corrode. This will make it become leaky around the spout. A professional plumber can help you clean the valve seat regularly at low price guarantee.

  • Washer becoming worn out

The friction caused by opening and closing of the tap, may cause the washer-rubber to wear out causing some leak around the spout.

  • Improper installation

To avoid this leaking problem, you need a plumber that can install your faucet, washer, and the entire drainage properly. You cannot do all installations on your own, you will need a professional to do the job efficiently.

So what are the benefits of having a properly fixed faucets by a professional plumber?

Benefits of Properly Fixed Faucets

Besides leaking taps causing some annoyance, they can be dangerous as well. Here are some reasons you need to fix your taps and pipes as soon as possible:

  • It prevents health hazards

Constantly dripping water usually causes mildew and mold that can eventually cause illnesses to your family members. It can also cause costly damages to your properties, especially if they are wooden. Mold can result to allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

  • To save water

Leaking taps and pipes can cause over 20,000 liters to go to waste every year. That’s really a lot of water.

  • It saves money

You can have the right water bill if you allow a professional do a repair for your faucets, pipes, and taps.

  • To keep your obligations

Most States will give you a responsibility of ensuring that you save water. That means that you can have water in your compound if only you accept to be responsible in using it.


You don’t have to wait until your family gets sick for you to call a plumber. Fix all the leaky taps using plumbing services that have a low price guarantee and avoid unnecessary costs.