Nowadays the amount of people affected by digestive problems is increasing drastically. The primary reason behind these problems is the lifestyle of most people. People have become immobile due to which the number of patients with digestive problems has raised. For people with weak digestive tract or those people who are prone to gut ailments, synbiotics are blessings in disguise. By using functional foods such as synbiotics, the working of your digestive tract can be improved.

What are Synbiotics?

Synbiotics are functional food supplements that contain strains of both probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are foods that are rich in microorganisms that help in digestion. Commonly used foods that are rich in probiotics are; yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, etc. Whereas, prebiotics are foods that are rich in non-digestible carbohydrates that are used by the microorganisms living in your gut. Food like green bananas, asparagus, artichokes are a rich source of prebiotics.

Reasons for using Synbiotics:

There are several reasons for using synbiotics, and some of them are:

Source of prebiotics and probiotics:

Synbiotics contain both probiotics and prebiotics. Therefore, they serve as one of the best dietary supplements available. Synbiotics are readily available in the market in the form of different products like Synbiotic 365. Products like Synbiotic 365 have been created keeping in mind the need for a useful dietary supplement that can fulfill the need for both probiotics and prebiotics.

Helps in reducing disease risks:

Like what Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. The idea of functional foods and dietary supplements was taken from these sorts of sayings. With the concept of functional food, it became clear that food isn’t only vital for your life, but it also plays a critical role in reducing the risk factor of various diseases. Functional foods such as Synbiotic 365 helps in keeping your gut healthy and functional. It also helps in keeping you safe from conditions such as Bowel disease, Microbiome aging, etc. Studies have shown how using Synbiotics have helped in staying healthy and fit.

Balanced ratio of Probiotics with compatible prebiotics:

This is probably the biggest reason for recommending Synbiotics. You should know that not all the probiotics you take, reach your gut. Because probiotics are vulnerable to variations in temperature and pH.

Similarly, you don’t understand that the prebiotics which you’re taking are compatible with the probiotics you took earlier or not? Therefore, the best way to ensure a balanced intake of probiotics and prebiotics is by taking Synbiotics. Products like Synbiotic 365 are specifically formulated to meet these requirements. Synbiotics are unique due to their synergism.

Helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria:

With the help of synbiotics, the number of bacteria that are useful for your proper digestion increases rapidly. In addition, the use of synbiotics, like the Synbiotic 365, also aids in reducing pathogen load in your alimentary canal. Due to these benefits, the use of synbiotics in farm animals has also started.

Helps in Gastrointestinal Diseases:

Studies have shown that the use of functional foods like probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics have helped in gastrointestinal diseases. These foods are also helpful in the case of conditions like; obesity, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance syndrome, and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases.


The use of functional foods such as synbiotics is beneficial for people with digestive problems. However, we all should consider using them in order to prevent gut diseases.