It’s a well-publicised fact that some of our world’s largest companies (think Apple, Microsoft and Google) all started operations in garages and lounge rooms. So, rest assured, while you are creating your own entrepreneurial enterprise in your lounge room, you are in good company. But once you start to attract more customers or investors, inviting them to discuss your business ideas around your dining room table is probably not ideal.

The answer? Renting space at a coworking office is the perfect business solution and might be easier and more affordable than you think. Some of the fastest growing businesses in Australia are coworking offices and being able to utilise their facilities with flexibility is one of the reasons why.

Whether you are looking for use of a meeting room, a business mailing address, occasional use of desk space, or a semipermanent office to call your own, today’s coworking spaces cater to every business with flexibility being one of their most enticing features. Even better is the professional atmosphere and office amenities each coworking office has as part of their standard offering. And most locations are located close to public transport or parking to make getting to and from “office” for you and your clients as breeze.

Another great, yet often unspoken, feature is the potential to network with like-minded entrepreneurs whenever you are there. It’s no surprise that many successful collaborations, and even partnerships, have been formed while ordering coffee at the in-house coffee bar, around the coworking desk or in the lunch area or organised evening function.

This approach to flexibility in office space also allows the owners of coworking offices to match their office amenities and offerings to meet their clients’ needs. In fact, a growing number of coworking spaces now include onsite parenting facilities to accommodate those “I can’t find a babysitter” days.

According to Smart Company and the latest StartupBlink Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2019 report, “Australia is actually officially becoming a more attractive place to launch and run a start-up” and “has leapt forward six places, to become the fifth-most start-up-friendly country in the world.”

With over 300 new locations for coworking offices opening around Australia this year alone, it seems more and more location independent businesses will be using coworking offices to help their business look more professional, make great connections, and let you use your dining room table for meals once again.