What To Look For In A Translation Supplier?

Whether you are into the product or service business, the need for a translation supplier may arise at some point, especially if you nurse the goal of global expansion. Translation, as part of communication, remains one of the biggest challenges most businesses face as part of their international expansion story and in line with this, there is the need to work with a professional Espresso Translations Services Agency to get your needs sorted out with additional benefits offered.

While the translation industry has become highly competitive, it is easier for companies seeking expansion and translation services, as a result, to make the wrong decisions. The basis of their wrong choice may, however, hinge on a number of factors including cost, limited access to quality translation agencies and more.

Knowing what to look for in a translation agency will however save you from the potential embarrassment and disappointment of hiring incompetent agencies to handle your needs. When it comes to translation agencies, there is no clear cut line demarcating the professionals from the newbies, asides the quality of services delivered. To help you in better tailoring your search and get the most out of your expansion, below are some of the things to be on the lookout for.

What Are Your Business Objectives?

Knowing your business objectives is one of the very first factors that can help you shape your search for a translation agency and help you better narrow down the options. With hundreds of translation agencies in the market, you want to first establish your needs as this will essentially help you cut down on the number of potential options that do not fit into the picture you have created.

There are numerous types of translation services offered with some agencies specializing in specific fields, these specialties are the key ingredient to getting what you need at premium quality. When narrowing down on your objectives, be sure to consider some of the most important aspects including the language you require, the target audience for which you need the translation services, the format which you require the translation to be delivered, whether in the form of legal documents, website content, publications, speeches, press release, articles or brochures.

Also, it is important to consider that when translating from one language to another, the amount of space used will be different and as such, you may also want to be on the lookout for agencies that can repurpose the content such that it offers the same information.

Native Speakers

Professional translators are expected to be native speakers who translate from a second language to their native language. Hiring a native speaker is the best way to ensure fluency while eliminating syntax and compositional errors. Hiring native speakers also give the advantage of culture as there is some certain cultural influence on language, all these which may be missed out on by a non-native speaker. Paying attention to the subtle cultural references may be all that is needed to perfect the translation service you need.

Translations Specialists

Majority of translation fields require that you hire specialists who boast of the adequate knowledge needed to complete the task at hand. When in search of a translation agency, it is recommended that you consider their area of specialty, whether legal, medical, marketing or other areas of specialization. Choosing a specialist that best mirrors your needs can help you maintain the right tone and get the message across in the right manner.

Espresso Translations provide specialist help to help each business or client meet their needs.


The cost of translation services varies from one agency to another. In some cases, agencies are able to offer competitive pricing plan based on a number of factors such as technologies used in perfecting translation services delivered, quality of service delivery and more. However, while most companies are on the lookout for cheap services, it is important to note that the cheapest available translation service may not guarantee premium quality results.

For projects which require high-volume translations, example of which can be website translation or the discovery process in international legal trials, professional translation agencies may be able to use machine learning technologies to ensure speed and reduce the cost of translation significantly.


Data sharing and confidentiality have become a big issue in recent times and in light of this, it is important to ascertain that the translation agency of choice is one that offers maximum confidentiality on data and materials to be translated.

As part of most agency’s standard practice, translators are offered a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which is to be signed as a legally binding contract for confidentiality purposes. However, there may be certain breaches in some cases.

When choosing, be sure to ask certain questions that can help you make a better and objective hiring decision.