Level up video poker gives you more chances to win than the ordinary one. Four consecutive hands could be played for a progressive higher payout. With every winning hand, you have gone level up. Your first level payout is 2 times; the second one is 4 times, and for the last one 8 times. Freebies like a free ride or bonus can come at any point in time, giving you an inch higher.

Beginning of an Era

In 2008 a new format of video poker games was introduced in online casinos by Microgaming .There are five variants in this format. Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Double Joker and Joker Poker. The first hand is important if you lose, then the whole stake is lost. But if you win the second hand is exposed, and you proceed in a normal manner. The amount you won in first hand is held in reserve. If you fail to have a winning combination on the second hand, you have two options. First, you can collect the money and quit the game or double your stake. It is a five card gamble game one exposed and other four faces down. You have to pick from the other four if the chosen one is higher from the exposed one your winning is doubled; otherwise, the whole stake is lost.

Going up higher

After you win the second hand with double, you proceed to the third and fourth round of this card game. The money which you received after the second round is added to your balance. The third and fourth rounds offer 4times and 8times of payout, respectively. Two features make this game more interesting.

One is the Free Card Ride, which can show up anytime. This will make your move to the next level, even if you do not have a winning combination. But you must remember that there is no payout for that round.

Second is AutoComplete Royal Flush. It is understandable at a higher level the stakes are high, so it is a small compensatory payout if you fail to pay the level. You can play this game in two strictures one is coin dimension, other is a number of coins as per your hand.

Aspire with perfect strategy

Video poker is gaining immense popularity all over the world due to many factors. You will find many similarities with the slot machine. But what distinguishes between the two is the decision you take to influence the outcome. You are not competing with other people as in traditional poker, so there is no distraction while playing. You are playing against the machine, and surprisingly this variant of poker have better payout ratio than another variant. The concept of this poker is taken from slot machines, and cards are used as a symbol. Despite many variants available online Jack or Better remains the most popular and common among gamblers across the world.

The most modern version of poker

Togel online, and you will find Level up Video Poker is the new breed which you can access and play online. The basic format and structure have remained unchanged what changed in regards to stakes and winning payouts. With lady luck favoring you, a fortune can be won in this format.