The introduction of vinyl sheets as craft material has enhanced the design options tremendously. With so many colours and texture options, the choice can sometimes become overwhelming. Once you have finalised the design and the colour scheme, you must be very careful to select vinyl sheets because doing it wrong can ruin the prospects. The selection of vinyl does not only depend on the aesthetical requirements, but it also must be easy to use in craft equipment like Silhouette and Cricut.

Let us try to find out the best way of approaching the task of selecting vinyl sheets available from Craft Online that makes it easy.

Types of Adhesive

What you want to do with vinyl sheet influences its choice, and therefore it begins by understanding the project you are handling. Adhesive vinyl is the standard stuff that you will come across.

  • Temporary adhesive – If your project is about creating designs for wall decals, interior decorations and temporary signs then you must look for the best temporary adhesive which is removable like Oracal 631.
  • Permanent adhesive – For designs that you see on tumblers, glasses, dishes, car decals and outdoor signs that must brave some harsh conditions while ensuring long-lasting choose a permanent adhesive like Oracal 651.
  • Iron – onadhesive – Viny sticker designs that transfer on to fabrics contain some special adhesive that allows the design to stick to the fabric surface when you press it down with a hot iron.

The sticking surface is important

It is now clear that the surface on which you want to stick the design is important in selecting the type of vinyl sheet that would be suitable. The kind of exposure the design gets when in use is another factor that affects the selection of vinyl sheet. The third factor is the longevity, for how long the design must stay intact. All these factors determinethe end use of a vinyl design that tells you which kind of vinyl sheet will work well.

Considering the above there may be vinyl for indoor use and outdoor use. A third type of vinyl sheets known as heat -transfer vinyl is also available.

  • Indoor vinyl – These are the removal type that has a matte finish that does not have any glare and suitable for use on surfaces that go through minimal handling and remain free from exposure to water and moisture. Wall decals come in this category that can last for years provided it does not face any abuse.
  • Outdoor vinyl – This type of vinyl used on car decals and outdoor signs as well as on household items like jars, glasses and tumblers have waterproof qualities and last longer. Ironically, though these are called permanent,but it lasts for 6 years maximum.
  • Heat transfer vinyl – This is ideal for transferring designs on any fabric surface, and its durability, price, the colour of the finish, reliability of cut and ease of weeding are factors to consider for selection.

Lastly, you must have knowledge about the availability of vinyl so that you can get the right thing at the right price.