Vampires, these seductive creatures of the night were all the rage a couple of years ago due to Stephanie Meyer’s famed Twilight saga. The teens that were diehard team Edward fans will be adults by now, ready to reminisce about the dark allure of the mysterious creatures. This online slot is perfect if you’re looking for a slot that oozes mystery. Get ready to be lured into the world of Immortal Romance, learn more at Wizard Slots.

If there are any hopeless romantics who are suckers for forbidden love, this is the perfect game for you. The mood and atmosphere are crafted perfectly to reflect the theme. Players will be immersed before that have a chance to run. The bewitching characters are a part of a narrative that plays out like a soap opera and it the perfect way to distract yourself for a few hours.

Microgaming Slot Developer

This gaming giant knows what the people want. Having been on the scene since the very first online casino (which they launched), Microgaming has become a leader in the industry from releasing such quality content that they’ve become synonymous with quality. Immortal Romance is just one of a plethora of successful titles this company has developed.

Gameplay on Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance is a 5-reel slot that boasts 245 ways to win. This online slot is filled with bonus symbols and features that promise big potential wins. The attractively drawn characters do a good job holding up the storyline and the graphics are well-suited to keeping the audience captured and immersed in the gameplay. The low betting range of this slot makes this slot an inclusive one that is perfect for any players no matter their budgets.

Immortal Romance Bonus Features

This online slot features the standard bonus symbols: wilds, scatters, and free spins, as well as, the not so typical bonus round. The wild works the same as it does in other slots (replacing symbols to make winning combinations), but it has a special function in this slot. Wilds also form the Wilds Desire feature that is activated randomly throughout the game and then turns a couple of the symbols on the board into wild symbols. The scatter symbols double the player’s winnings if they are a part of a winning payline.

The bonus round is called the Chamber of Spins, it is unlocked by matching higher valued symbols- a good idea is to look through the paytable to find the symbols with the highest values. This bonus round is a free spins zone where players can win a lot of extra spins. The characters are also introduced through unlocking bonuses.

The Verdict

Microgaming has done it again, to no one’s surprise. The quality graphics and story do a perfect job with immersing players not only in the gameplay but in the narrative as well. This allows players to be entertained by forbidden vampire love as they win cash prizes at the same time.