The shower pan is one of the most basic yet one of the most important aspects of both the looks and the efficacy of the bathroom. A shower pan is the base of the shower unit and its underlying surface is made of sloped concrete which funnels the water down the drain after it is collected in the pan.

Overlooking this aspect of your bathroom and not going for the best shower pan can result in costly repairs and the annoying consistently running showers. If your shower doesn’t drain correctly it will cause water damage to your floor due to flooding. You need to protect your floors with the best shower pan.

When choosing the best shower pan, a lot is dictated by the space you have available but usually most options available can fit different size spaces. It goes without saying that it has to go with the overall look of your bathroom and shower. You don’t want a shower pan that looks out of place with the overall decor of your bathroom.

There are various popular brands but the most reliable ones in our experience are Dreamline Slimline, Barrier Free, Kohler and Swanstone depending on your budgets and your needs.

Some of the main factors you need to consider in picking the best Shower pan are:

The material used: Shower pans come in a variety of materials. Your best bet is to look for compression-molded materials or Cast Iron like in the case of Kohler.

Drain position: Look for a center drain position

Ease of Installation: It is worth considering the effort it is going to require you for the fitting

Warranty: Look for a minimum of a 1-year warranty. Swanstone shower floors offer a lifetime warranty.

Slip Resistance: Nobody likes to slip in the shower. It ends badly, every single time. Thankfully most quality shower bases now come with slip resistance flooring.

Affordability: If you are on a budget and still want a good looking shower, you need to check out the Dreamline range as they are one of the most affordable shower pans available. If you are mid-range then consider Swanstone and Barrier Free. If you want to go lavish and spending isn’t the problem then Kohler is definitely the way to go in my humble opinion.

As you can see, choosing the right shower Pan takes some considerations and we’ve only mentioned the ones that we think are the best in terms of affordability, quality or a combination of both. Of course, there is a wide variety of other brands out there but this surely simplifies the choice.

Once you’ve made your decision and brought the Pan then the next challenge that you are faced with is the installation. If maybe a great idea getting a professional plumber to take care of it as installing a shower base is no small task, but if you do decide to have a go at it, it is quite possible to do over a weekend. Make sure you get the right tools and get it inspected professionally once you are done.