When you go looking for dating advice online or in magazines, what you’ll often find are the ‘top ten chat up lines’ and ‘what to wear to attract the opposite sex.’ While these things are useful and have their place, what isn’t talked about enough is the mental side of dating. When it comes to the reality of dating, the truth is that it can be difficult. We must deal with the stress of asking someone out and the fear of rejection. There’s then the emotional side of dating, and the feeling of becoming emotionally invested only to be ghosted or dumped. This isn’t fun for anyone. We’ve put together this article to help you deal with rejection and improve your confidence, so that you aren’t reliant on someone else’s approval to be happy. If you’re looking to chat with girls | Meet women online, then this article will also help you get in the mindset to talk to girls, either in real life or through dating websites and apps!

One of the most important things you can start working on is the ‘rejection mindset.’ One of the biggest things stopping people from having the dating life they want is the fear of rejection – for a good reason! Rejection can be difficult, at least to start with. If you’re scared of someone saying no when you ask them out, then if you do get rejected once, that can be the end of your dating life for the next six months. The leap that needs to be made is that rejection is normal, and even a good thing! If you can get over the fear of rejection, then you’ll be happy to ask out 100 people to get to the one that might be your partner for life.

The best and only real way to beat your fear of rejection is to face it, and get rejected on purpose as much as possible. This may sound counterproductive, but once you’ve been rejected ten times, you’ll start to realize you don’t mind anymore. Once you reach this stage, you’ll probably find that you get rejected less as your confidence increases.

After you’ve beaten your fear of rejection, the next thing that will help you get your mind right is to change your perspective on what a ‘bad’ date means. Most people will beat themselves up if a date goes badly, or if a strong connection wasn’t made straight away. If we take a step back, though, and get some perspective, the whole reason that we date is to try to find someone that we have a good time with without needing to force it. If a date doesn’t go well, it most likely just means that you aren’t compatible. This is a good thing, and if you were to try to force a relationship out of a date that didn’t go well, then the relationship most likely won’t be much better!