Thinking about moving? Choosing where to live is a very important step in our lives, as it influences everything we do, such as work, studies, social life, and our budget. Although different people have different needs, there are several common factors that you need to consider when deciding where to stay. Below are nine important points that can help you make the right decision.


Your career path will evolve with time. Thus, when choosing your place of living, think about how much flexibility it provides in terms of professional development. For example, consider cities that function as a hub in your industry; and that also cater to your other personal interests, which can help, in case you want/need a career change.


Consider an area where your average income is at least as high as the local median. Living according to your means, and being surrounded by similar people are important factors that help increase the satisfaction level in your daily life. This applies not only to you, but to your family members also. Research by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and others have shown that what matters for our happiness is not the amount of money we have, but how we tackle our lifestyle.

Family and significant others

Choose a place close to your family and significant others. They are your pillars of support, the ones that will be there in case of need. Having to work far from home may imply long traveling hours, and even lodging far from your home for long periods of time, being kept away from your loved ones. And remember, not only do you need your family, but they also need you!


Write down a list of activities and things that define your lifestyle and make sure that they are available in the area of your choice. Some of us enjoy coffee shops, others closeness to nature, others the big city rhythm. Whatever you prefer, make sure it’s in relative proximity and within your budget.


Weather is an important factor that can affect your life in a variety of ways, both negative and positive. Think of the type of weather that is suitable for you. Take into account what makes it easier for you to sleep at night, or to have activities with your loved ones. But also consider them in your choice. We are all different, and if you want to have a happy family, they must also like the environment.


Safety is a factor whose importance increases as we age. A recent study has revealed that, for example, baby boomers prefer areas with lower or negligible crime rates, while younger people are willing to accept more risks in exchange for proximity to entertainment and cultural events. Remember that your home is a long term investment, so even if you are young, reflect on what you would like to enjoy in your golden years.

Size of the city or town

Big cities have the advantage of being capable of providing you with many things, such as cinemas, cultural events, banks, and much, much more. However, small towns provide environments that are less anonymous and more secure. Consider your family members, their needs and preferences. For example, if your spouse is accustomed to the countryside, it may become difficult for her or him to adapt to a busy city style or vice versa.


Remember to investigate aspects such as the availability and quality of the internet, schools, transport and hospitals. A good area must include all these essentials, in an accessible and affordable manner. Consider also the quality of the streets and roads, sanitation and other necessary things for a comfortable lifestyle.

Spiritual and other needs

Lastly, don’t forget about your other needs, such as your spiritual life. Being close to your church or religious community can be of great relief during instances of grief and stress. It can also provide other fulfilling activities, such as volunteer work opportunities, Sunday school for your kids, and more.

Choosing the correct place to live could very well be one of the key factors to your happiness. There are many facets that must be considered, such as career plans, proximity to friends and family, the climate, safety and more. You have learned about nine of these aspects in this article and their importance varies according to your age. Therefore, plan for the long term, and select that happy middle that can last and ensure a happy life for you and your loved ones.