Of course, we all know that we need a good quality pipe wrench and a well-made drain cleaner in our repertoire when we go to a construction site. But what about those items that we tend to forget that make our lives much easier? These are one of the few key accessories that all toolboxes of plumbing contractors or Drain Rescue Plumbers should have.

1. AutoCut

The AutoCut copper pipe cutter, a great tool to have when you do not have enough space to use a full-size pipe cutter, can cut copper pipes with less than an inch of slack and facilitate narrow jobs at the pipe ends. It is also faster than conventional cutters. Simply snap into the tube, close the gate and turn. The cutting wheel automatically tightens when the AutoCut is turned, without knobs to turn. The cutting wheel is spring loaded to provide a constant cutting pressure, so it will never crimp the tube by accident.

To achieve additional leverage in uncomfortable spaces, you can get an auxiliary ratchet twist handle that slides over the AutoCut from one side to facilitate maximum operation. Three sizes of AutoCut are available: 1/2 “, 3/4” and 1 “. Dispose of all three in your toolbox, but be careful because they will get used to it.

2. SuperSlice

Do you want to cut plastic tubes quickly and cleanly? Get a SuperSlice tool with a patented V-tip blade that easily drills hard or soft plastic tubes to produce a clean and simple cut with virtually no deformation. As the blade is off-center, it gives a powerful and penetrating action with minimal force.

Use it on PVC, CPVC, irrigation pipes, plastic or rubber garden hoses, and plastic electrical conduits.

With squeezing once the work is done. The ergonomically designed handles allow you a secure hold with a lot of leverage. The SuperSlice, with a blade that gives it an advantage, easily cuts tubes up to an inch in diameter.

3. EasyReach

The contractors will discover dozens of applications for this exclusive collection tool, used to remove stones and waste from interceptors and mouths, grab objects from hard-to-reach places and change light bulbs. The EasyReach, constructed of extruded aluminum and stainless steel to increase durability and corrosion resistance, features two thermal plastic rubber caps that open 4-1 / 2 “to grip objects. It is available in lengths of 32 “and 40”, as well as in lengths of 60 “, 72”, 96 “and 120” that fold for easy storage.

EasyReach is sensitive enough to pick up small screws and washers, but strong enough to pick up a five-pound stone. Above all, when you’re not using it on the construction site, you can use it to scoop golf balls out of ponds and collect fruit from trees!

4. Quick-Fix

Unfortunately, from time to time the cables are broken, especially after undertaking many jobs in the field. Quick-Fix allows you to quickly repair broken drainage ribbons in the field. The exclusive Quick-Fix allows you to continue working and finish the job without having to return to the workshop to repair or replace a broken cable. It is available in 1/2 “, 9/16”, 5/8 “and 3/4” sizes with female or male connectors.

The specially designed spring with a pre-welded female connector is easy to connect on site. Prepare your broken tape by cutting the damaged or twisted end of the cable with bolt cutters or a jigsaw.

Simply pass the Quick-Fix over the broken tape using press jaws or a pair of pliers (without welding equipment)! Once fixed, the Quick-Fix is ​​held so tight that it simply can not be removed, even if you wish.

5. Snake-Oil

To preserve and protect your sewer cables from rust and corrosion, have a quart of Snake Oil on hand.

It is better than ordinary lubricants because its special rust inhibitor cuts through moisture and replaces it with an oxide-resistant coating. It will significantly prolong the life of your cables, as well as your sewer machine, including drum, bearings, and cable power supply rollers. In addition, Snake Oil includes a deodorant that gives your equipment a fresh, clean scent.