Cisco Certification

With the massive utilization of networking components in many companies across the globe, Cisco certified professionals stand a chance of becoming team leaders in many companies. Cisco certifications validate the professionals’ skills and knowledge in the actual management, implementation, deployment, and troubleshooting of Cisco’s networking devices. This large IT giant offers the certifications in five distinct levels, which are covered below. Each level showcases the professionals’ competency in handling Cisco networking components and implies the growth of your skills.

5 levels of Cisco Certifications

Every level consists of several certifications that are subdivided based on the associated technologies. The levels of Cisco credentials are as follows:

Entry level – this is the foundation level of Cisco certifications. It is perfect for IT professionals who want to start a career in networking because it mainly deals with basic networking and IT skills. The CCENT and CCT are the recognized certifications under this level.

Associate level – it is exclusively designed for IT professionals who are already conversant with the basic knowledge and skills such as network operation, installation, and troubleshooting. The CCNA and CCNDA are the commonly offered credentials at this level.

Professional level – it is considered as the advanced level of Cisco certifications because it equips the IT professionals with profound knowledge and skills in networking techniques. The CCNP and CCDP are the known certifications at this level.

Expert level – it is considered as the prestigious level of Cisco certifications because it focuses on the ultimate performance and deployment of networking components. Professionals who have reached this level are believed to have an exclusive understanding of how Cisco systems work. The CCDE and CCIE are the main certifications at this category.

Architect level – this is the highest achievable level in the Cisco certification level. it deals with the design and management of a networked system. In order to achieve this credential, the professional must showcase top-notch architectural skills by coming up with functional network architecture. The CCAr is the certification title at this level.

Apart from the 5 professionally structured certification levels, Cisco has also categorized its certification program according to various networking technologies. Here are some of the most popular Cisco certification categories that you can focus on and choose the one to build your career in:

Data Center – this category of networking technology involves designing housing computing tools such as firewalls and Servers. The CCNA Data Center is a globally renowned certification offered.

Routing and Switching – the ideal professionals to get certified in this category should have a passion for understanding how routers and switches communicate via a network link. The CCNA R&S and CCNP R&S are the popular certifications under this track.

Collaboration – it targets the IT professionals who are always engaged in decision making and empowering employees to achieve institution or business goals. An associate level certification under this category is the CCNA Collaboration.

Security – the skills acquired at this category are meant to equip the professionals with the profound skills to safeguard an organization networked system from threats and spooling from third parties. This is because there are always attempts to intrude to any networked system. The CCNA Security is one of the certifications offered in this category.

Cyber Ops – IT professionals who want to specialize in information security are the targeted audience of this category. The skills acquired are very ideal to be applied in military departments and even government institution. The CCNA Cyber Ops is one of the certifications you can get certified on.

5 Benefits of getting Cisco certifications

You might be asking yourself why you should be Cisco certified professional while you have already managed to achieve some of the top academic degrees from the institution of higher learning. What is unique about Cisco certifications? Is it worth doing?

1. Strong foundational knowledge

Cisco certifications are designed to start from the entry level up to the architect level. Therefore, you will get a strong understanding of concepts in every level of your certification unlike if certification was only done in one level.

2. Recognition

Since you have acquired new set skills by earning Cisco certifications. Your employers will recognize you are a valuable asset to their business. Therefore, you will be very capable to earn high salaries, allowance, and commission.

3. Job Opportunities

Cisco certifications will help you to discover several job opportunities that you were not eligible for before getting certified. Several companies require Cisco certifications for job roles such as network engineer or system administrator.

4. Better Salary

Getting a certification from Cisco automatically means a pay hike, as your knowledge and skills have been testified by a leading IT giant. In addition, you become a valuable person in the company and the first candidate for promotion. The benefit of being a Cisco certified professional is that with each certification of the higher level your salary will grow. So, according to PayScale website, the annual salary of the CCNA certified specialist is about $75,000, the CCNP earns around $93,000 per annum, and the CCIE gets $122,000 yearly.

5. Online Community

Certified Cisco professional have an online community forum where they combine minds and efforts to address some of the challenges that they are facing in the field. With the Cisco online community forum, you will get updated and knowledgeable on the latest technologies.

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Cisco certification program is so broad and you need to find your area of interest. Choose the right path for yourself and you will become a very competent networking professional upon acquiring the relevant skills from Cisco certifications. Be well-prepared by checking the most updated materials from Exam-Labs. Wish you luck!