When it comes to renting a coworking space there are a number of different characteristics that you want to pay closer attention to. After all, you don’t want to rent just any space. You want the best space you can get and that means you need to look for each of these things. When you combine them you’re going to have a space that works for just about any type of business.

Great Price

One of the first things you want to look at is the price. The whole point of a coworking space versus a standard building is that it’s going to cost less. You want to find a space that’s going to give you all of the other features we’ll talk about on this list but do it at a price that you can afford. Think about the price range that you can afford or that works best for you and then look at what you can get for that rate.

Great Location

You want a place that’s conveniently located for you to visit. You want it to be within a comfortable driving (or walking or biking) distance from your home so you can get there quickly, without a long commute. You want it to be located well for anyone who might need to meet you, like clients and coworkers or employees. If you have a location that’s right in the middle of downtown it might be more convenient for everyone.


Look for a place that feels comfortable rather than cold or sterile. More sterile or too professional office spaces can be somewhat uncomfortable or they don’t make you feel like you can really relax. This is part of what many workers are trying to get away from and part of the reason they don’t want to work in traditional office-buildings anymore. Comfort for you could mean plants or comfortable chairs or bright colors, or anything at all. As long as it makes you feel comfortable it’s good.


A sense of community within the space can be a great thing as well. You don’t want to be forced to interact with everyone else who rents space there, but you want to feel comfortable talking to them. You want to feel like all of you are in on something together, even if you’re not actually working for the same business. It can help you feel better about going to that space every day (or as often as you need to).

Your Own Space

You want something that gives you space for yourself. It may not be a specific space (you may not have your own office) but you do want something that gives you a place to sit down. Whether that’s at a desk or a table or any range of different locations, you want to make sure there’s a place for you to do your work that you won’t have to share with others. Some coworking spaces such as SOMA central here include various options, from hourly rentals to desks shared with others to dedicated offices. If you find such coworking spaces in your area, they give you more flexibility to choose the most suitable option for your needs.


Having a space to put your lunch or to make up a lunch or even make some coffee is always a good bonus. It’s not always a necessity (maybe you go out to lunch every day anyway) but it’s something nice that makes things more convenient for you and your clients or employees. Just having a kitchenette is going to be great for anyone working in the space, whether you use it a lot or not.

Flexibility in Spaces

A variety of different types of spaces can be great in any coworking space. For example, there may be times when you need a table to work on drafting designs. There may be times when you really want to sit in a comfortable chair at a bar or where you might want a formal desk and chair. You may want a public space or an office at different times. Having flexibility will help you get the workspace you want at the moment.

Conference Spaces

There are times when you may want to have several of your employees over for a meeting. Or maybe you want to have your clients come to meet you. In that case you want to know that you can rent or reserve a conference space to meet with them without having to worry about finding room amongst everyone else.

Available Equipment

You definitely don’t want to spend time lugging your printer and a fa machine and any other equipment back and forth to your coworking space, right? You want a space that has all of these things already there, so you can just use them when you need them and not worry about them when you don’t.

Gym Space

Not every coworking space is going to have a gym, but it could be a great benefit to you if it does. After all, you may not have a whole lot of space to head to the gym before work. If you can take a class or even just spend a little time on a treadmill while you’re at the office it’s going to make things a whole lot easier for you.

Getting to Know You Opportunities

Some people really want to build a relationship with the other people they’re working with, even if they’re not actually part of the same team. You may want a space that’s going to let you interact with the other people who are there in the space with you.

If you’re looking for a coworking space any of these can be a great benefit for you. They can help you get the job done and they can definitely make it more convenient and comfortable for you too. If you look for a space that offers all of these things you’re going to be off to a great start and your company is going to have a huge advantage compared to others. You don’t need to have a building of your own when you can have the right options in your coworking space. You just need to know what you’re looking for.