Domestic violence or domestic abuse is a kind of pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one person on the other just to get control over the other one. Domestic assault can be of any of these: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, stalking or maybe cyberstalking.

Domestic assault charges can result in significant consequences and your life negatively for years to come. And if you are being charged with some assault charges and you have already realized your mistake and thinking of not hiring your own attorney.

Then, this decision of yours will have a bad impact on your life which will be much worse than any financial loss.

However, there are a lot of reasons due to which defendants who are charged with some cases regarding domestic violence do not hire any lawyer from Barnes law firm for assistance and it results in the worst outcomes of their case.

This is not necessary that a woman is always a victim, as a man can also get assaulted with any kind of assault like emotional assault or maybe some kind of economic assault in which the abuser tries to make the other person financially reliant.

Moreover, the victim and the abuser both can be of any age.

Domestic assault can occur between all kinds of relationships involving people who –

  • Are husband-wife or maybe former spouses
  • Are in live-in relationships or may be used to live together previously
  • Are involved in a physical relationship
  • Are adopted
  • Are the kids of an individual or any relationship which is mentioned above

These kinds of domestic assaults can occur when there is a close relationship between the offender and the victim and the victim is somehow dependent on the offender. Furthermore, these assaults intentionally cause bodily injuries.

Defenses that can be included if you are being charged for domestic assault-

The charges of domestic assault bring a lot of problems of fines, jail, issues personally and socially. In order to avoid such disturbances in your life, you need a strong defense that fits your case. You need to hire an attorney that can change the prosecution’s point of view regarding the case in your favor.

Well, some of the defenses regarding such cases are-

  • The victim pretended to be assaulted or lied about who committed the assault.
  • The injuries or wounds of the victim are planned or faked or may be due to some accident.
  • Victim lacks by proofs against the assaulter.
  • Investigative errors.

Whether you have been charged for some kind of domestic assault or you are the victim, you need to be completely honest with your lawyer to get the best outcomes possible for your case. And at Barnes law firm, you will get the best lawyers which are not judgmental so that you can comfortably share the details of the case and get the best help possible.