Most men and women consider different factors when trying to select the perfect wedding set. Universally, most men will consider the price as the first priority while women will consider the cut, the color, the clarity and carat which are collectively known as the 4 Cs. Therefore, it is fair to come up with ways to compromise of these two parties. According to Randor the following are some of the guideline that can help compromise on the man’s budget while at the same time giving the woman what she wants.

The Cut

The most popular cuts are round, princess and cushion respectively. These cuts are decisions made primarily by the woman. Round cuts are as the name suggest, a diamond face that is round in shape. Princess shapes are usually rectangular or square shaped. They are the most common among women. The cushion cut is the most unique since it incorporates both the round and the princess cuts. Therefore, a woman who wants to be unique and special will go for the cushion cut, while the traditional one will go for the round shaped. The most feminine woman will go for the princess cut so as to match her personality.

The color

The diamonds color ranges between D which is colorless and Z which is brown tint. The color with which you choose determines how rare a diamond is — the cost changes with the color of the diamond. If one is looking to save some money, he should choose an engagement ring that ranges between G and I. the woman will probably be happy because you saved some money in order to get a larger diamond. Which woman does not love a big diamond?


Clarity is determined by the size and the number of inclusions. Clarity is measured on a scale which ranges from flawless (FL) to Included which usually contains many flaws that affect the stone’s shin and reflection. This is a perfect way to save money because no one is going to look at the diamond unless it’s a diamond expert using a magnifying glass. Therefore, the man should compromise on the clarity to buy his woman a bigger diamond ring.

Carat (weight)

Size will always matter to a woman, and therefore the man should always keep this mind. Most women will always prefer the biggest size. Therefore, as stated earlier, the man should compromise on the clarity since no one can see the number of inclusions with the naked eyes so as to save money that will enable him to buy a bigger ring. One can also compromise on the color that will enable them to save money to achieve the same.

Buy from a diamond wholesaler

The prices of diamond are usually driven upwards due to the costs involved such the supply chain cost and the cost of labor. Most diamond suppliers sell to wholesalers who then sell to local jewelers who sell it to the customers. Supply chain means that costs are transferred from one person to another and finally to the customer in terms of high prices. Therefore, finding a reputable wholesaler to buy from is a good idea to save such costs and buy the diamond at a lower price.