The term ‘slow learner’ does not mean physically or mentally challenged, it simply means their learning pace is slower than the rest of the students. Such students need special attention and extra time to learn their subjects. Teachers and parents play an important role in their lives. Their support and constant motivation make them overcome the humiliation of lagging in the class.

A healthy educational environment for such students slow learner is very important. It is difficult for teachers to help such students in a regular class as they are under the pressure of completing the syllabus and all that. Such students need special care and extra special treatment to learn.

1. Identify and Isolate:

It is important to identify such students silently and form a different section for them. Slow learners will always be under constant pressure if they are made to learn with students who can keep up with the regular pace. Having a separate class for slow learners without their knowledge and teach them at a slower pace than others will help them a lot. If required give them extra classes to make up for the time lost.

2. Be Patient:

It is understandable to get irritated when teaching a slow learning kid but getting irritated might make them more conscious and therefore slower than before. A teacher must understand their ability and be patient towards their slow learning capabilities.

3. Support from Fellow Classmates:

Other students need to be taught not to bully or tease the slow learners. Include other students in your efforts by informing them of their condition and how they could help with their studies.

4. Innovative Teaching Techniques:

An effective way to teach slow learners is through visual aid. Engaging a student in such teaching techniques can entice them to learn faster by making it easier to understand. There are many online learning websites, apps and more other options which help students learn the same concept in a creative and more effective way.

5. Group Studies:

Encourage more group studies as learning with a same age buddy might be more interesting and encouraging than learning from an adult.

6. Minimum Homework:

Homework can become a burden to any student in case if the student is a slow learner. Slow learners find it difficult to be attentive in classrooms let alone finishing homework after coming back from school. Too much homework will become a burden on the parents too. The rush to finish the assignment would not let them learn much. It is better to give such students nominal assignment so that they have enough time to understand and learn as well.

7. Encourage and Motivate:

A slow learner always feels a little demotivated and develops an inferiority complex. It is very important to keep them encouraged and motivated, to make them understand that they are also worthy. Encouragement in front of their classmates will boost their confidence and they might tend to perform better.

8. Identify Interest:

A slow learner’s concentration span may be low when it comes to studies but definitely, the child will be interested in some other activity in the school like arts or sports. Let the child pursue his/her interest. There is a great possibility that the child might be talented when it comes to his/her passion, encourage it. This will boost the child’s confidence resulting in improved academic performance.

Every child has a different potential and we should not be comparing one child’s learning ability with another. Keep reminding yourself that it is better to learn slowly than not learn at all.