Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students. After all, they get to experience another culture as well as broaden their academic horizons. However, studying abroad can be rather different from studying on the campus you’ve grown used to. To help you out, here are 7 things that students need to know when they are studying abroad in the United States.

1.Academic Help Is Still Available

On a university campus, students are used to being able to find academic help in the form of tutoring services, writing centers, and similar services. Luckily, students who are studying abroad at American universities can expect the same level of help they do in their home countries.

It should also be noted that academic help can be found online. EssayPro can help students with academic work and learning. This includes a variety of tips and aid when it comes to writing academic content.

For instance, students can find process analysis essay examples to help them get started on a process analysis essay of their own.

2.Know What Type of Campus You’ll Be On

In the U.S., colleges are usually in one of two settings. There are colleges that are in what most refer to as “college towns.” This is where the college is the major focal point of a smaller location and students will find evidence of school spirit almost anywhere they go.

Alternatively, other colleges might be located in bigger towns or cities. These, as the name suggests, means that the college is located here but it isn’t what the location focuses on most. Knowing the location of the college a student is going to can help them choose and plan for life there better.

3.Dorm Living

This is an aspect of American universities that can be an odd concept to some. If students are living in a dorm at a college in the U.S., they will typically be assigned a roommate to share the dorm room with. Typically, these are randomly assigned and students might not even know their roommate before they move in.

4.School Spirit

Universities in the U.S. are full of school spirit. It isn’t rare for alumni to come back or even locals to turn out for school sports events. On top of that, many of the bookstores on and around campus are typically teeming with sweatshirts, pants, pajamas, mugs, hats, and anything anyone might want all covered with the school’s logo.

5.Eating Out

Undoubtedly, students will end up eating out when they are studying in the United States. When going out to eat, don’t be surprised when given a massive portion on your plate. It should also be noted that tipping your waiter or waitress when you eat out is customary in the U.S. A tip of about 15-20% of the bill is average.

6.Join a Club

One of the easiest ways to meet new people when studying abroad is to join a club. There are usually clubs for any interest from an academic subject to playing video games so it’s easy to meet people with similar interests.


Another thing that students might notice their first time studying in the U.S. is that aspects like attendance can be less strict depending on the professor. Don’t be fooled, though, because the professors who are more lenient with their attendance can also be some of the strictest graders you come across.


There are a lot of differences to expect when students studying abroad in the United States for the first time. When they keep these things in mind, they’ll be ready to tackle their time abroad.