ATP science supplements such as the delicious Noway Bar are great for helping you prepare for, get through or recover from that hard workout. However, did you know that energy bars are great to have with you at all times and that you get to enjoy a number of benefits from doing so? Here are seven of those.

Meal Replacement

Energy bars can serve as a meal replacement. Of course, this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence, but it’s something to consider from time to time. One important consideration to keep in mind is that many energy bars are relatively high in protein, which not only makes those a healthier option, but they also reduce your hunger much more effectively than carbohydrates do. As a result, you’ll be more likely to be held over until your next meal.

Back-Up Meals

Probably one of the best reasons to keep an energy bar on you is due to how they can serve as a back-up to unexpected circumstances. Think of them as comprising an emergency stash. Maybe you had planned to eat a regular meal, but something came up. Imagine you planning to head out of the office for lunch at that new place down the road, but something came up, and you’ll be tied to your desk for the rest of the day. Fortunately, you’re prepared with your energy bar and can use it as your emergency meal.


Energy bars are super convenient. Just put one in your bag, and you’re good to go. This is especially useful if you’re going to be on the go all day, whether that’s running around town as part of your job or heading on a day-long hike to the peak just outside of the city. Regardless of the reason for needing this convenience, it’s really helpful to be able to enjoy your activity with this food as it tends to be more nutritious than many other convenient options such as candy bars or chips.

Workout Companion

Energy bars are great to have in connection with a workout, but where they really come in handy is when you have an opportunity for an unexpected workout, and you’re already prepared for it with your energy bar. Not that you need to consume one with every workout, but it’s great to always have one available to you at all times should you suddenly decide to work out. Say, instead of unexpectedly being tied to your desk for the rest of the day, you end up with a half-day and, just like that, have the rest of it free. Head to the gym or out on a run with your energy bar in hand.


It helps to have such a small nutritional option. Energy bars tend to be smaller than other snacks that you can take with you, even healthy ones such as apples and bananas. If you’re limited on the size of what you can carry with you, energy bars shouldn’t present much of a concern while the other aforementioned options might need to. Of course, if you have plenty of room for anything and everything that you might need, absolutely add an apple and banana to go with your energy bar.


Bringing energy bars with you wherever you go allows you to immediately receive a shot of energy. If you’re struggling to get through whatever you’re experiencing at the time, that energy bar that you’ve been saving can be just what you need to push through it and get to the other side. And, depending on its exact nutritional value, it will often add necessary vitamins to your body that will help you focus on the minutes and hours to come.


Although the price of energy bars varies depending on type and quality, most are friendly to your budget, allowing you to save money when compared to other items of food that you could be carried instead. It also helps your budget if you purchase in bulk, which, if you’re going to be carrying these with you on a regular basis, is definitely recommended as the per-bar costs can be reduced quite a bit in that case.