What is it about a bit of fabric and stuffing that can not only increase the comfort but also the aesthetic of a room? Throw pillows have been shown to bring new life into a room and the addition of new color and fabric can change the feel of a space. To really infuse your personality into space, a good inexpensive place to start is the pillows.

In addition to the aesthetic factors, customized pillows can also be used for health reasons. When a pillow’s height is either too much or too little, your weight creates pressure on the head which causes compression of blood vessels, as well as other body parts like the spine, respiratory organs, muscles, skin tissue, and nerves.

This leads to pain, breathing anxiety, stiffness and neck deformity which leads to uncomfortable sleep. If this is not enough reason for you to consider a customized pillow, here are seven more.

1. Enhancement of Good Health

For young people, a custom pillow will correctly support their head and shoulders as well as the spine to ensure a good night’s sleep and a healthy body. This support is even more essential with middle-aged people whose bodies are functioning is at less than optimum levels.

Not only do custom health pillows support healthy individuals to stay that way but also assist people with neck deformities to get a good night’s rest. If custom health pillows are a good health choice for the young and the middle-aged, they are absolutely essential for the elderly.

One such pillow is the Custom Pluto Pillow. This customized pillow is created by the firm in conjunction with the customer according to their sleep patterns, posture, and characteristics. Their core principles are to make the pillow bounce back when lain on, temperature-regulating and breathable.

They use innovative materials and incorporate the customer’s needs to maximize comfort and support. They make thoughtful, rather than smart pillows and so the pillows they make are a hybrid design with a foam inner core and an outer plushy surface uniquely made for each person. They make sure to listen to customer feedback and tweak the design to improve the pillow experience.

2. Comfortable Sleep

Getting a pillow which suits your height and sleeping position increases the comfort of your sleep by giving the right support to your spine, neck, shoulders, and head. Some customized pillow also take your weight into account and adjust accordingly depending on body shape and sleeping posture. There is a wide range of preference from people, who sleep better with no pillow at all, to those who stack several pillows to combat gastric reflux issues.

3. Temperature Control

Sleep specialists recommend that pillows which do not trap heat within them are the best choice. This is because there needs to be a drop in body temperature for the person to sleep well. The materials which make up the pillows should not emit dubious chemicals that cause the temperature to rise.

4. Custom Pillows can be designed to Match Individual Sleeping Style

If you sleep on your back, you might prefer thinner pillows because thicker ones will incline your head forward too much to either be comfortable or healthy. If you sleep on your side, you might prefer firm, thick pillows which bridge the distance between your ear and your shoulder. When you sleep on your stomach, you should use a thin, flat pillow. This might not be necessary to support your head but you can put it under your stomach to level your back and prevent lower backache.

5. Getting Your ‘Beauty Sleep’

When your sleep is not restful, it results in pasty looking skin, and dark circles under the eyes. Sleep is literally essential to promote healing and repair of body tissues. Production of collagen rises while you are asleep and this protein is essential to slow the aging process. Repair and regeneration of tissues take place between 10 pm and 2 am when the individual is asleep.

Without the ability to rest peacefully, the body breaks down slowly and thus the haggard appearance a person gets when they have insomnia or other sleep troubles. A pillow that helps you rest therefore contributes directly to your beauty regimen.

6. Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Home

Customized pillows need not be only functional; they can also look aesthetically pleasing. They can match your personality as well as your sleeping style. Using color and design to stamp your mark on your décor not only enhances the beauty of your surroundings but helps you feel more at home.

7. They are Multifunctional

Pillows are great for your health, comfort and the beauty of your home but that isn’t all they can do. They can be used in play as well, both the juvenile kind and the more adult variety.

Whatever your reasons, a pillow is never a bad choice to make.