With an increasing number of sensitive data being hacked along with threats relating to ransom, organizations are looking for top professionals who can protect them from such criminals. No one can deny that the demand for security professionals is rising and according to estimates, it will reach close to 6 million by 2019 in Australia. Since the supply of qualified specialists cannot cater to the demand, you can relax knowing that the market will not get saturated soon.

Since security breaches are expensive and can cause a loss of reputation, many organizations are willing to invest in such specialists and pay high salaries to avoid such scenarios. If anyone is still wondering what career path to choose, information security may pave the way for you to have a successful career since you can enter this field from other backgrounds. You should take a look at some of the reasons why this field is an excellent career choice to work in.

1. Excellent Job Prospects

In the age of globalization, massive quantities of data are collected and stored online which proves to be challenging for an organization. Businesses do not want such data that contains personal information to be leaked online which could lead to legal issues being filed against the company. Since companies want to remove threats, the role of information security specialists becomes clear. These experts are short in demand which means that your chances of landing a job in this field are considerably high.

2. High Demand for Entry-level Work

Information Security Analyst is one of the jobs that people land to when applying for entry-level jobs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is one of the fastest-growing occupations across all industries. The salaries offered are also high and the demand for BLS objects is expected to rise by 28% in ten years.

3. High Chances of Promotion

You will get good prospects to climb the ladder if you have the ability of managing people effectively along with having good communication skills. Although you will have to earn that promotion, by working years in the field and getting all the certificates. Fortunately, according to a survey, the demand for senior roles are rising within the organizations.

Some entities, like the New York Financial Service, makes it obligatory for companies to hire a Chief Information Specialist who is responsible for implementing cybersecurity systems.

4. High Pay-scale:

According to various sources the average pay scale for an information security analyst is around 66,000 dollars per annum with the figures rising close to $95,000 per annum. This is just one position and other positions earn over $100,000. A homeland security degree makes it easier for you to be successful in this field. Although salaries depend on geography and the company, the general estimates are that your salary will rise by 7%. It is still a considerable rise compared to the increments which people generally get in other professions.

5. High Job Satisfaction

Unlike the majority of professions, the job engagement levels for this profession are considerably high. According to an ISG survey, more than 40% of the cybersecurity professionals were satisfied with their jobs and 48% of the employees were moderately satisfied. The reasons behind this are the compensation factors along with incentives for career growth and the workplace environment.

6. Work in other Sectors

Perhaps the major benefit of working in a career as an information specialist is that it provides you the opportunity to experience work in other fields of specialization. As a child, you must have dreamt of working as a pilot, in a spaceship or perhaps making movies. Being an information specialist allows you the opportunity to be part of that group as you will be protecting their data.

7. Your Profession is Ethical

Although the salary plays its role, many people are attracted to the job because they feel like they will be doing something that will benefit society. Although this sector still needs to market itself if it wants to attract new talent for the job, they are working hard to make the younger generation know about its positive impact. Apart from protecting organizations, these specialists help protect the privacy of consumers.

If you have wanted a career that was held respectable and honorable while growing up this one should in your list.