Suffering from illness isn’t fun at all. Although some might like the slight change in their voice while having nasal congestion, the headache and body ache makes it worse. Falling ill definitely needs to invest a whole lot of money in medications not to mention the surplus costly medicines that are found in markets. You need to decongest your brain to avoid wasting unnecessary money while suffering from illness. Here are 6 ways to save money while you are on bed rest.

1. First, consult with your family doctor.

Family doctors are a call away during your ill health. A family doctor is the one who treats the minor illness like cold/flu and then advises you whether you should go to the hospital or not. So it’s wiser to consult a family doctor first without rushing to the hospital every time you sneeze. They can tell you whether the illness you have is treatable by medicines or needs serious medical attention. This can save you a lot of money that would have been used to admit you in the hospital and doing unnecessary tests.

Whenever you feel ill, always prefer to call your family doctor instead of calling to any hospital who would at first tell you to get admitted and then will serve you. This would cost a lot of money while asking your family doctor to diagnose the disease you have would save you loads.

2. Ask your doctor about medication costs.

Whether it’s the medicines prescribed by your family doctor or by the doctor at a hospital, don’t shy away to ask about the cost of the treatment. Clear your doubts and ask whether it needs any other tests or any extra care and the cost you are going to bear. Being aware of how much you are going to spend on your treatment prepares you mentally and allows you to see through your finances.

Make a list of the medicines you need to buy and their probable costs and the costs of the tests and treatments you are undergoing. This would make the process much more transparent and easy for you to keep traces of your finances.

3. Compare prescription prices online.

Take advantage of the internet while saving money during your illnesses. You can easily find medicines online at lower rates. So it is wiser to first compare the prescription prices online before going to the druggist to buy medicines from stores. You can look Canadian pharmacy to compare the prices. Many of the online companies ask you to procure your prescription and then order your medicines accordingly. You can make online payment or cash on delivery, and thus this can be hassle-free.

Buy your drugs online, since there is fast delivery (for medicines) and this can save you hundreds of notes. Plus, they are certified and user-friendly.

4. Use your insurance card.

Your insurance card or health card comes to great help if you are suffering from a severe injury or ill health. Insurance cards can convert your doctor visits and medication costs, and the only thing you need to do is to pay a monthly bill or premium of a certain amount to your insurance company. All the treatment charges, then, will be taken care by the insurance company. Isn’t it great? In this way, you invest your money wisely while saving money at the same time.

So, the next time if you, unfortunately, meet with an accident or have any serious disease, don’t forget to show forward your health insurance card which would help you financially.

P.S.- You need to be regular at paying monthly premiums at the same insurance company.

5. Investigate medical bills.

A responsible patient investigates his/her medical bills properly. It is on your part to check the prices and to investigate your bills and payments. This would let you know where you spent how much money and to verify that you weren’t fooled by any means. Checking your medical bills closely isn’t the act of a miserable, but a responsible patient. This would definitely help you in managing your finances more smartly and save you from falling prey to any loophole.

Keep a record of your bills and payments (hard copies or soft copies) and check them on a monthly basis and be a pro in saving money.

6. Buy generic drugs.

For those who don’t know, generic drugs are the drugs which have the same composition and strength as compared to the original branded drug with the only difference in their names. Buying generic drugs isn’t harmful at all. But you need to be very careful while comparing the composition and assessing the strength of that particular drug. Take the help of a chemist or pharmacist if you are naïve in this field. Generic drugs have the same active ingredients as their brand named counterparts and are safe to use.

By using generic drugs, a lot of money can be saved since branded drugs by dint of their ‘brand-name’ charge extra money. Due to which the customers have to pay unnecessarily as compared to generic drugs, although both have the smartest composition.

Be smart and always try to strengthen your immune system by not taking any medicines if it is a minor illness like a cold or a cough. Try to implement natural treatments like the use of turmeric, amla, and fruits and vegetables to recover from the illness. In case of serious health disorders, be prompt to seek medical attention as soon as possible and then plan out your finances wisely. Seek the help of your friends and family in case of severe financial pressure.

By following the above 6 ways, you can definitely save lots of money while suffering from illness. Having a health insurance card as well as a record of investigated bills would lead you to be more aware of your expenses and in turn, helps you save money and investing it properly. It will even help you in case you need money in an emergency.