Your home heating, ventilation, and cooling system (HVAC) is high up there in value for any sensible homeowner’s priorities. Prioritize your HVAC system in order to create and maintain a comfortable and money-wise home.

Image via Flickr by MCB Enterprises

1. DIY or not DIY: Preventive Maintenance

What one thing pops up again and again when home ownership is being considered? Cost. And doing a bunch of simple maintenance protocols by yourself, if you have the time and the inclination to be handy around the house, the cost is less today and you may save money down the road. Otherwise, get in touch with a professional .

2. Remember – The Total is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Taking measures that make your system run at its best do save you money; they also create a better, longer-lasting system overall. Like a well-maintained automobile retains its resale value better than one that is neglected, the same goes for your costly, intricate HVAC system.

When your home is appraised and the HVAC system is inspected and found to have clean filters, well-oiled ventilation fans that purr, a compressor that doesn’t lumber through its job, and a ship-shape conductor coil, you will be looking back fondly at your proactive approach to keeping it all maintained.

3. Smart Thermostats Can Help Lower Usage & Costs

Being proactive and having an eye on the future of smart home technology can be great. One way to stay on top of things is to look into a smart thermostat. They are easily programmable, sleek modern design, and a variety of brands and features. Most brands will come with video instructions.

4. Filters: Use Them Then Lose Them

There are also some very easy, low-tech steps a homeowner can take to keep your system running efficiently. Find the filter in your unit and give it a look. According to this industry site, filter replacement should happen every 30 days to six months and that depends on the quality of material used in your filter.

5. Vents: Give Them Some Space

Make sure the vents are uninhibited. If something is blocking the air from passing through, like a sock, a toy, a rug, or anything of the like, then that item is keeping your system from running as it should; that can use excessive energy, costing you more.

6. Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

When no one is home, or even if they are home and don’t mind a bit of darkness, shut the curtains. Keeping the light out is one way to insulate your home from the heat of the world and is free and easy. Really any additional insulation you can manage will be an advantage to the heating and cooling of your home.

Preventative maintenance needs to be done, whether we’re talking about your car, your physique, your relationships, and—for sure—your heating and cooling system. If you’re good at it and have the time, then maybe DIY is your best option. If not so much, then call the pros. Either way do your best to not ignore keeping it cool.