According to Modis, tech job opportunities are expected to grow by 12% by the year 2024. What does this mean? Well, it can open doors for more IT professionals.

With the current volume of availability in Tech Jobs in Texas alone, the said increase in job opportunities can double after a decade. This projection means that the vacant positions in web development, cybersecurity and analysis, and biomedical engineering today, can grow twice as much next year.

From adaptability to strong communication skills to related experience in the field, here are some of the expected skill sets that are expected in 2019.

1. AI Experience

The artificial intelligence field is incredibly in need of staff. This is especially true when looking for leaders who can strategically manage a team of AI and innovative products.

2. Mobile App Development

Developers of mobile apps will still be in demand just like the previous years. The demand will be higher than the past few years, although they are expected to be well-versed in HTML5, Jave, Objective-C, C++, C#, Swift, and Python languages. In addition to that, those who are proficient in UX and UI web designs can offer higher value when it comes to project management.

3. Skills in Cybersecurity

With the recent news about infiltrated networks, an increase in need of cybersecurity experts is ensured. Companies and organizations need to make sure that the data that they have are 100% protected and cannot be stolen by those that are outside their network walls.

Stakeholders of companies offering tech jobs in Texas are now becoming more and more aware of the threats in the cybersecurity space and are determined to find protection now more than ever. This will surely be needed in the tech industry in the years to come.

4. SaaS in the Cloud Expertise

IT professionals that have Cloud computing and software as a service skill will be selling like hotcakes in the next few years. Skills in Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware for private cloud hosting, and Amazon AWS will be your ticket to stand out from the competition.

Your chance of getting the job will surely improve when you are experienced in the whole cloud stack, IPv6, and DevOps.

5. Knowledge in Programming

If you’re knowledgeable in Java and Python languages, then you are most likely to get hired in the following years for programming job opportunities. Whether you’re a software or an infrastructure engineer, or even a digital marketing specialist, you have a chance to get the spot. Aside from building applications, these programming languages can also automate and streamline different kinds of processes and crawl data in a wide array of systems.

Although you have been in the Information Technology field for several years, you should still try to study other skills. This may come in handy to secure your spot when applying for a position in a tech company.