Updating the look of your bathroom can be as simple as changing the towels or adding recessed lights. However, if you want to give your bathroom a new and modern look, renovation is the way to go. Not only does it enhance the look and appeal of your home, but it can also give your bathroom a new lease of life. Moreover, an updated and well-kept bathroom adds value to your property and brings comfort to the residents. You don’t need to remodel the whole bathroom to achieve this. Some simple updations like adding a shower stall or changing the flooring can also do the trick for you. More often than not, it simply takes a change of lights and fixtures and cleaning the shower and tub to make your bathroom look like its brand new. And most of these changes are easy to do yourself, making it a great DIY project!

Remodeling will give your bathroom a fresh look and visual appeal. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you should consider some simple and comparatively cheaper ideas. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to renovate your bathroom and make it look as good as new.

Add Tiles to the Bathroom

A simple and easy way of updating the bathroom is to add tiles. Whether it is your shower walls, bathroom walls, or the floor, a newly tiled bathroom will look great and add value to your home. There are many ways in which tiles can beautify and update your bathroom. Beautiful accent tiles can bring visual interest to the room. However, if you think it expensive to hire a contractor to lay the tiles, you can also do it yourself. Moreover, you can limit the number of tiles by focusing on high impact areas like the lower walls and shower walls while keeping the upper part plain. You can also use artistic tiles as accent tiles alongside cheaper ones to create visual interest as well as save money.

Repaint the Bathroom

Repainting is the cheapest and easiest way to give your bathroom an instant uplift. A fresh coat of paint can give any room a fresh look. However, while repainting the bathroom choose your paint wisely. It is advisable to avoid paint that has primer in it. Instead, use a separate primer as it has a thinner consistency to soak into the wall patches and seams. This solidifies the finish of the wall. After priming, use a moisture-resistant paint to prevent the paint from peeling off the wall. Also, you should select high quality paint that resists the growth of mold and mildew and gives a smooth finish.

Freshen Caulk and Regrout Your Shower

A bathroom may be small but it is difficult to keep it clean and updated. Over time, the features and finishes gather dust and suffer damages which make your bathroom look old and shabby. One of these is the grimy and dusty grout on your shower tiles. This is an important detail that is often overlooked and can cause serious concerns. If your shower and bathtub are only dirty, you can simply clean them up to refresh your bathroom. However, if there are cracks or damage in your grout, you would need to regrout your shower and freshen up the caulk on your bathtub. If you don’t plan to undertake this project on your own, you can discover more about hiring a contractor to help you out. However, if you’re up for it, you can do this on your own too.

Update the Bathroom Fixtures

Renovating the bathroom does not always mean a floor remodel or any other big changes. It can also be a simple change. We often overlook these small details in favor of bigger changes. However, small changes like updating the light fixtures, changing the sink faucets, drawer pulls, or towel racks can also freshen up the look of your bathroom. This is an inexpensive project that can give your bathroom a newly updated look. And you don’t always need to spend on pricey and branded items too. You can get the same finish and look from other cheaper options too. Just ensure they are durable and cost-effective. You don’t always have to roll out the big guns. Sometimes it’s the small details that have a big impact.

Go For Eco-Friendly Fixtures

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and doing some big changes, you should also consider your redesign with the environment in mind. Opting for eco-friendly updates to your bathroom is good for the environment and it can also save your bills. Green updates like low-flow toilets, sinks and shower heads can save a lot of water. Plus they don’t cost any more than regular products so you need not spend more. Moreover, they consume less energy and save your energy bills too. Repurposing used materials is another way of going green with your updates. There are many sites and shops that offer repurposed and upcycled products that are environment-friendly and in your budget too. You can even search for good ideas and do it yourself!

Update the Lighting

A well-lit bathroom is a great addition to any home. It can add great value to your home’s appeal and give you an updated and modern look. Select modern lighting that goes well with the decor of your bathroom. It is often easier to go for accent lighting in the bathroom. However, it is advisable to opt for wall recessed lights to uniformly light up the entire room. Also, ensure your lights are not dull but have control features that allow you to dim the lights when needed. Updated lighting in modern designs that go well with the decor can give a big lift to your bathroom’s appeal.

It is often the little changes and small things that make a big difference to a place’s look and feel. Before you plan any kind of renovation to your bathroom, assess the room first. List all the things that need to be changed or updated. If you can give your bathroom a makeover in a small amount, it doesn’t make sense to spend more. Think hard about what updations will look and work best for you before investing your money and time in it.