As you begin to organize a bachelor party for your best bud, big brother or old school friend, take a moment to think outside the box. Some of the most memorable bachelor parties are not created at the bar, but rather by straying away from the beaten path and organizing something totally unique.

If the groom is rather partial to the great outdoors, why not arrange to spend some time around the campfire. Or, if he is a laugh-a-minute joker, add even more humor with funny costumes and unusual activities.

If the budget can stretch to it, you could even turn a regular bachelor party into the vacation of a lifetime, with you and your crew jetting off to foreign shores to discover a far away place for a few days.

In many ways, the best bachelors parties are not those that are more ambitious than the wedding itself, but rather those that offer the personal touch. The groom will have his own likes and dislikes, and by tailoring the event to suit his desires, you open up a whole new world of activities and adventures. Go camping, go surfing or even go white water rafting if that works with you – but whatever you do, make it a real occasion to remember.

Stuck for inspiration? Here are 4 ideas to help you plan a memorable bachelor party:

1.Go Abroad

Go Abroad
Heading overseas for theoccasion adds a fresh new dynamic to the whole event. These days, it’s relatively easy to travel around your own country and most of us have already enjoyed lively nights in our nearest towns of cities.

So why not really go for it, and get out there to explore somewhere totally new? There is a whole world full of vibrant cities, bustling beaches and even off-the-beaten track locations that would be the perfect backdrop to an awesome bachelor party.

But of course, with such grand ideas comes a hefty price tag. Flights, hotels and additional spending money may put foreign frolics out the reach of some of your guests so only book abroad if everyoneis happy with the idea and can genuinely afford it.

2.Get Dressed Up

Get Dressed Up
This age old traditional has been around since bachelor parties were invented, and nothing says “I’m having fun” as much as group of guys dressed up in fancy dress costumes during a big night out. If you like to go the whole hog, make your costumes as wild and wacky as you are, and await the hilarious responses from fellow partygoers. Head over to the Last Night of Freedom website for some fantastic costumes ideas catering specifically for bachelor parties. Here you will see a range of funny, risqué and downright outrageous costumes that are sure to make you and your group stand out from the crowd.

Another option is to have personalized tees printed in honor of the occasion, which will also serve as a nice memento in the years to come.

3.Take it Outdoors

Take it Outdoors
Not every bachelor party has to be held in a bar or a strip club. Getting together in the great outdoors can be just a much fun, and offers opportunities to try exhilarating and exciting new activities that you might otherwise shy away from.

Set up camp with the crew, as you drink beer and tell stories round the fire, or hire a cabin in the woods and go fishing, hiking and mountain biking before tucking in to a BBQ and some beers.

Being far away from it all, with just your boys for company, makes for awesome memories and a time to relax, chill and reminisce without the chaos of busy bars and over crowded nightclubs. The groom-to-be might well be thankful for a more relaxed celebration, especially if the wedding day is not too far away.

4. Split into Teams

If you have a more competitive nature, how about splitting the crew in two and taking on some team challenges to really get your game on? Win the war with a hearty paintball battle, race your buddies for the win at the go-kart track or, if funds allow, take to the water in a speedboat challenge.

These types of activities may cost more than a few beers at the local pub, but the memories you make will be worth it.

When the day is done, you can even get competitive back at the bar with some fun drinking games.

Consider the Main Man

If you have been tasked with making the arrangements for a bachelor party, never charge ahead full steam without first considering the preferences of the groom. Your idea of the perfect bachelor bash may be very different to his.