When it comes to synthetic grass, also known as artificial turf, the placement of it is paramount. There are many pleasant ways in which you can use synthetic grass to your advantage. You can install it in a dog run or sealed off roaming area for your dogs. You can install it in an area that will be used for sports or other recreational activities. You can also place it in areas around your yard in order to vastly reduce the amount of lawn maintenance required by you. Knowing the pros and cons of synthetic grass is really important before purchasing it to be installed. In the article below we’ll walk you through 10 different ways in which you can pleasantly install or utilize synthetic grass. Please continue reading for more information.

10 Pleasant Ways to Install Synthetic Grass

1. In Pet Roaming Areas – One of the most pleasant ways to use synthetic or artificial grass is to install it within a pet roaming area. It is bad to allow your dogs or other pets to sleep on hard concrete surfaces or in the dirt. Artificial grass is very soft and cleans very easily. Dogs can sleep on it comfortably, as well as run around and play on it without getting hurt. Furthermore, artificial grass is non-toxic so if your dog happens to chew on it then you don’t have to worry about them getting sick. Brisbane SurfaceIT can help you install synthetic grass in your pet or dog run area. Please give them a call for a price quote.

2. In Outdoor Sports Areas on Your Property – If you are lucky enough to have a property with a designated sports area, then this is the perfect location to install artificial grass. The latest synthetic grass technologies ensure that the grass is soft and malleable. If you happen to fall down or slide on it you don’t have to worry about getting road rash as you would from old artificial turf.

3. Around Your Yard – The most common and pleasant way to use synthetic grass is to replace the real grass around your garden or lawn. While real grass is great to have, it can be extremely tedious and expensive to take care of. If you work a lot, are away on business trips often, or are not physically up to doing regular real grass maintenance, then consider having synthetic grass installed instead. Instead of mowing your lawn every week, you can spend that time with your family or enjoying a hobby.

4. On a Home Based Golfing Putting Green – You no longer have to be a rich businessman to own your own golf putting green. You can have a putting green installed in your backyard using specialized synthetic grass. You can easily wash it from time to time. And you never have to worry about trimming it or pulling weeds. Your golf ball will roll perfectly along the synthetic grass surface, just like it would on a real golf course.

5. In a Children’s Outdoor Play Area – The last thing you ever want to expose your children to is a hard surface around the playing area. Children fall often and a hard or concrete surface can have catastrophic consequences. With synthetic grass installed in your children’s play area, you don’t have to be worried or overly concerned about them falling down on it and badly injuring themselves. Synthetic grass is very soft.

6. Around the Pool – One of the most fantastic ways to utilize synthetic grass is to install it around a pool. Typical concrete surfaces around a pool can be an extreme health hazard as people are prone to slipping on them. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, doesn’t get slick when it is wet, and if a person does happen to fall on it, they are unlikely to become seriously injured. Synthetic grass also dries very quickly when it becomes wet, so you don’t have to worry about it collecting standing water for very long.

7. In an Outdoor Lounge Area – Many people have outdoor lounge areas on their properties, however, most of these areas feature dirt, gravel, or real grass surfaces. In those cases, that means some maintenance will need to be carried out from time to time. With synthetic grass, you can lounge for months or even years without ever doing any maintenance on your synthetic grass whatsoever.

8. Around a BBQ Station – Another great location for synthetic grass is around your BBQ station. Instead of having everyone stand around the BBQ, you can have your guests pull up a chair, kick their shoes off, and relax. Synthetic grass is safe to have around a BBQ area as the grass is flame retardant. If a hot ember or spark from a BBQ station happens to land on the synthetic grass, you don’t have to worry about it catching fire at all.

9. On an Outdoor Balcony – While this might seem like a strange idea to some, it is actually quite common for people to install synthetic grass on their outdoor balcony. There is nothing worse than sitting on a hard concrete surface. With artificial grass, you can use your balcony in ways that you couldn’t otherwise. If the balcony doesn’t pose a risk to small children playing on it, then they will find the synthetic grass comfortable to roam around on as well. Cleaning the grass is so easy, and even better, it doesn’t need to be maintained like real grass at all.

10. Around Your Parked RV or Motorhome – An extremely pleasant way to use synthetic grass is to roll it out around your parked RV or motorhome. It is particularly comfortable to have synthetic grass in an RV park, as you most certainly will not have access to real roll-out grass while traveling. Synthetic grass can be purchased in convenient roll-out strips. You simply roll it out around your RV when you’re parked, then you roll it back up and store it away once you are on the road again.