When it comes to inspiring motivation and productivity, a workplace that evokes a positive vibe will yield far better results than the office that gives off a dull, gray mood. Making the right decisions to maintain a positive work environment isn’t always easy, after all. It involves much more subjective measures than other initiatives. Here are five ideas that can help you sustain a comfortable, happier workplace:

1. Be Generous

Classic proverbs say that the happiest people are giving people and this is true even in business today. Of course, your generosity should be within your means. No need to plan an expensive team holiday! Be generous with your time when an employee is in need of assistance so they feel supported at work and show your high-performers or stakeholders your gratitude with thoughtful corporate gifts.

2. Encourage Open Communication

The importance of good communication in the workplace cannot be emphasized enough. You want your workforce to feel confident in representing the company and voice their concerns if needed.

Encouraging better communication is more than drafting a communication-related policy statement or putting up a poster. Ensure that managers make a conscious effort to ask employees for their input and incentivize opinion-sharing and open dialogue by saying thank you and showing gratitude.

3. Pay Attention To Your Physical Environment

To avoid a dull and gray mood you must avoid a dull and gray space! Fresh air, cleanliness and openness should be visible characteristics of your place of work. There’s nothing better than working in a clean and well organized and managed office space, whether it’s a desk, cubicle, or an office.

Cleanliness and order are important for hygiene and comfort of everyone. It’s also been reported that greener offices lead to healthier, more productive employees, so if your workplace is yet to be graced by an office plant, perhaps now is the time to get onboard.

4. Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Well-Stocked

Do not underestimate the power of a plentiful work kitchen. It has been shown in certain studies that many employees are happier at work when there’s a well-stocked kitchen and that kitchen amenities can affect productivity. A good supply of tea and coffee, accessible cutlery, cleaning and heating amenities for use and healthy snacks like a fruit bowl will go a long way in giving your staff an extra level of comfort at work.

You can also consider options like supplying healthy breakfast foods like wholegrain toast, spreads, savory muffins, fruit, nuts or yogurt to ensure your team gets started on the right foot every day even if they don’t have time at home.

5. Celebrate Good Times

Celebrations don’t need to be as big and raucous as an end-of-year staff party. Acknowledging everyday wins at work as well as milestones in your staff members’ professional and personal lives with small celebrations can be very rewarding.

You can do this by sharing people’s work achievements on a “Good work” board, group email or with an “Employee of the week” recognition. A catered lunch or breakfast can be a great treat for a special occasion or milestone achievement.

When it comes down to it, sharing your gratitude and being more open amongst your team will reflect positively on your workplace relationships and atmosphere. To get a step ahead, incorporate all of these tips in your workplace and you will notice that not only your office will be more uplifted but your workforce will too!