In today’s classrooms and offices, you can make them more appealing to kids and employees when you make them look fun, and the colorful wobble stool which populates most classrooms and offices today can just do that. They also allow individuals to pick where they want to work from thus giving them the opportunity to be able to move around and get engaged.

More schools and organizations are now incorporating the use of wobble stool options into their classrooms and offices and it seems to be giving positive results. Research has shown a correlation between an increase in the focus and engagement and the subtle movements which are caused by flexible seating. It seems as if it is counterintuitive, but the more the kids are allowed to rock, wiggle, and bounce, the more their brains tend to pay attention.

It has made classrooms and offices more accessible for students and workers, increasing the engagements of students, employees, and in the process, opening the room to various styles of learning as there are places to lounge, collaborate, work individually and silently.

As an adult, there are ways in which wobble stools can improve your life which include:


Due to the fact that it is going to give you the ability to rock or move freely, it is likely going to help you in improving your memory and focus. According to studies, when you are in rocking motion, the brain is able to be calmed and in the process, concentration is facilitated. While this is something which is going to benefit everyone, the movement seems to be helpful especially for kinetic and tactile learners of various ages.

Improved balance and stability

When you constantly engage your core to stay balanced, you are able in the process to strengthen your core muscles. When these muscles are strengthened, they then go ahead and protect at the same time, strengthen your lower back as well. This is a stool which you can easily adjust between 18 inches to 25.5 inches. You are allowed to set it at a height which you find comfortable with and begin your balancing act immediately.


Many ergonomic stools which are in the market that offer the same benefits can be quite expensive and thus, if you are on a budget, you might find it hard to afford one. But for these particular stools, they are affordable yet full of benefits.

Better Posture

Improved balance and stability result in better posture. The design of these stools forces you to sit in an upright position in order to have balance. It is a great stool if you are working on correcting your posture as it will give you the ability to walk and sit straight. If you have a standing desk, then this can be a great option. If you want a break, you can simply adjust the height of the stool and continue working. With the ability to adjust the height and adjustable active motion, the options for this stool are endless.