If you have decided that you’re going to live in London, then you are most likely busy looking at flats and apartments that suit your needs. However, what you may not have considered is the security of the flat or apartment that you are currently looking at.

London, particularly Central London, has a fairly high crime and burglary rate. Living in an apartment that has access control can be greatly beneficial to your security, and lower your chances of suffering from burglary considerably.

So, what is access control and how is it beneficial to a residential area? Access control is any system that monitors and regulates who can get into or access to a resource or area. In terms of access control in a residential area, something like a key fob or code will be required to enter the area. An access-controlled block of flats will also require that all guests entering the building are allowed to be there too – a buzzer system to whichever apartment the guest is looking to visit will be installed to make sure of this

What are the benefits of access control?

Access control exists purely to secure or make an already secure environment even more secure. However, there are many particular areas of security that access control can address very well.

Access to certain areas of a building can be defined very specifically –  if you are the owner of a building or a block of apartments, you may not want to have everyone that lives in that apartment be able to access every single area of the building. At the same time, if you live in an apartment block you may want to be able to access areas of the building that other people cannot for whatever reason. An access control system can define exactly who can enter which areas of the building, and implement these restrictions very well.

Building Security – Just as some people may want to be able to access certain areas of the building, some people may not be allowed access at all. As in, those people that are not residents or guests. Particularly in London, people are known to lurk in blocks of flats and apartments even if they do not live there. This is a major breach of security that an access control system can address and stop. There is no doubt that you will feel far more secure as a resident of a building that has a good access control system compared to one that does not.

There is a clear log of who has accessed the building and at what times. If the worst came to the worst and there was a burglary or crime to be committed in an access-controlled building, working out who is responsible is an awful lot easier than it would be if anyone were able to gain access to the building without authorisation. Access control security systems track everyone that enters and exits a building to the exact second.