Tree Removal

Tree removal is a harsh but necessary procedure to take proper care of our trees. Sure, it’s always hard to see a tree being cut down, but in most cases, it is of absolute necessity to undertake that step. It goes without saying that tree removal should be the absolute last resort, especially when it’s about removing the whole tree as in general.

Why is tree removal required?

Tree removal becomes necessary especially when you have to make enough room for power transmission and distribution lines or in cases where the tree roots may be blocking the sewer lines or worse, the septic tanks. You have to admit, that would literally create a mess.
Tree Removal
Any sane person should be a pro-nature, if not anything else, and hence tree removal Sydney is such a big deal. In reality the term “tree removal” is an inaccurate word, it should be called more along the lines of like “Tree maintenance.” After all the primary reason for considering tree removal in the first place is to maintain its health and allow it to grow more properly.

Dead branches for example; if they are kept there just because you’re too sensitive to tree cutting, it will only spoil the rest of the tree. It’s like letting a single rotten apple spoil the rest of the bunch. There is also something called “widowmaker” in tree removal. You may often notice that some branches have already been separated from their main branch refuse to fall down, and just sit there with support from other branches. This can have several problems. The most obvious problem is causing serious damage to anyone on whom it may fall. It also disturbs the natural growth of those healthy branches. Tree removal includes all these minor details.

Tree removal also becomes necessary when the tree in your backyard has grown too big or too thick. Thick tree branches can often mean hindering proper sunlight to your house or making your house feel too dark and too suffocated. Proper trimming of branches allows more sunlight and air to penetrate through the tree and give your house a more airy and spacious feel.
One most crucial reason for tree cutting can also be due to the most adverse purpose. Tree cutting or trimming can make enough room to enable you to plant another tree or plant. Hence, allowing you to grow two trees instead of having one big ugly looking tree.

How to approach tree removal

Tree removal technique is usually dependent on various factors. It mostly depends on the magnitude of tree removal that you are going to undertake. For example, a simple dead branch removal, trimming branches or just removing the whole tree.
How to approach tree removal

  • If you have to remove only some minor dead branches or widowmaker, you can do it yourself with proper tools and of course safety equipment such as gloves, helmets and protective glasses. However, if the branches are too far above and require a good deal of climbing, it is best if you hire professionals to do it for you. There are already so many tree removal services available. You don’t have to worry about finding one.
  • For the removal of the whole tree as in general for reasons of blockage of your sewer lines or septic tanks, it best to take the help of an Arborist or at least take their opinions before proceeding. For example; most people use their trucks to pull up a tree stump or just the whole tree. No one will ever know who first came up with this absurd idea, because this is a really dangerous procedure to undertake. Especially if you want to remove a tree close to your house, it can damage your property and your house as well, because there is a minimal way of predicting where the tree may fall. It is a more logical step to water the tree before the tree removal day to ensure that the soil is easier to dig the following day.
  • If the tree removal process involves usage of a chainsaw or any heavy objects while climbing the tree at the same time, it is wise if you use the help of a professional arborist.