You must have heard that storytelling is the avant-garde in modern marketing. Yes, you have not heard it wrong. Marketing has lavishly evolved more than our grandparents used to do it. Today, at least five marketers are fighting aggressively for the eyeballs of every consumer or decision-maker. Compelling your audience to take action has never been harder!

Storytelling is making life easier for advertisers today. Rather than merely throwing a bunch of ads on the face of your audience and praying to heavens that he takes action, the perfectly woven brand narrative is a stronger assurance of conversion from your audience.

You may be in doubt and question the storytelling marketing frenzy. Let us tell you some good reasons why you should start telling your audience the right stories.

The Right Story Motivates Consumers to Action

If your marketing isn’t converting, it can be because it is starved of motivation. The right marketing grips the audience, emotionally arouses them, utilizing motivation into taking targeted actions.

The right story deploys a captivating narrative where most times the characters share similar life situations with the audience. Storybrand certified guide know the art and science of weaving a perfect brand story that draws your audience in and inspires prospects to act.

Your marketing would be emotionally sharper and more captivating when you tell your audience a story of how your store helped a broke couple enjoy the most romantic valentine with amazing yet very affordable gifts.

This story is more sentimentally connecting than just a blank, emotionless ad. You are sure to motivate your audience into coming in for shopping!

The Perfect Story Makes Your Brand More Memorable

Your competitors are not snoring away. They are fighting tooth and nail for the same customers you want. That is why you don’t want to risk your consumers forgetting about your brand. What better way to make your marketing more memorable than with that deliciously crafted story?

Spiced with sufficient emotional recipes, the right brand narrative with its engrossing sticking power allows your audience to engage deeper and more sustainably with your marketing. Remember that a good story is hard to forget.

That is why you are yet to forget your nursery rhymes or your eccentric high school professor with that shiny bald hair and humongous goggles.

You can lodge your brand sustainably in the minds of your audience, giving you loyal customers. Expert storybrand certified guide marketers understand the right story takes off the “ephemerality” of marketing.

Lastly, the Right Story Builds Stronger Relationships

Many marketers jump off a lead as soon as a purchase is made forgetting to establish them into recurring customers. This is why we see that many marketers don’t sufficiently prioritize relationships.

Yet relationships are the foundation of any customer-brand interaction. With storytelling, your story connects and resonates with your audience building stronger emotional bonds between your brand and your consumers. This way, your consumers become dedicated customers welcoming you in as family.