Employees tend to respond to work appreciation especially when it is done through recognition of their efforts as it confirms that, they are greatly valued. When you offer a simple thank you, it might go a long way in ensuring that the employee becomes more productive as they tend to feel good. When there are great employee recognition programs, your business is going to benefit and here is how.

  • Productivity:It is a well-known fact that staff who are more engaged tend to be more productive. And if you reward their efforts, then the production will automatically go up, for them to receive even more recognition.
  • Job satisfaction: When you recognize an employee, it shows that you value what they are doing and in the process, creating job satisfaction. It sends a message that whatever they are doing is valued and worth being rewarded. In turn, it makes them feel that they are making a great difference in the company.
  • Employee happiness: A fulfilled and happy employee will be motivated to perform even better due to the positivity that they are feeling towards the company. If as an employer you treat your employees with gratitude and respect, then they will definitely want to do a good job in return. This same positivity will be able to be felt across the board in the entire business, creating a working environment which is happy which people will want to be happy and a part of.
  • Retention: When there is high staff turnover, it will definitely lead to morale which is poor which can make others to want to go somewhere else. The time which you will have to use to find and train new staff will automatically affect fiscal costs and utilization as they will go up. So you need to prioritize retaining staff. When you have recognition programs and reward giving, it will give the employee a reason to want to stay.
  • Loyalty: If you have employees who are engaged in the business, they will be in a position to sell and promote your brand very far as compared to those who don’t care or don’t believe in the business. When you reward hard work, in the process, it brings out loyalty and assists the team to feel that it has an emotional attachment with the organization.
  • Team culture: Having rewards which incorporate recommendations of peer to peer, that could be a great team spirit. This helps in encouraging staff to be able to see the positive attributes which others have and appreciating them. Teams are well placed in doing this as they tend to work alongside one another day after day. When you allow colleagues to nominate one of their own, they feel that they are empowered, and it shows that they value one another’s opinion.

Ensure that, the team recognition programs are tailored to your organization, reflecting your brand and culture. You need to run in the right way, a scheme for employee recognition will definitely have a great impact on your organization.