As a gamer or typist, you become exposed to different types of keyboards. But as an ordinary guy who wants to type documents and play a game during free time, you will notice the big difference between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical one.

For you, a mechanical keyboard is much more substantial and feels like you are using a typewriter. Buttons are much deeper, and compared to a membrane keyboard, typing is a bit louder. Although for some typists, the typing sound is music to their ears.

Computer shops and school laboratories generally use membrane keyboards. It is the primary tool used as we begin to get familiar with computers or typing. Luckily for the new generation, they have the option today to choose which keyboards to use. Some gamers prefer a gaming keyboard while, for other users, any type will do as long as it does its job.

Mechanical keyboards are entirely different from the membrane keyboard. While mechanical keyboards are typical on extreme gaming, each person indeed has his or her own preferences. Here are some tips on why you should opt for a mechanical keyboard:

Benefits of Buying a Mechanical Keyboard

Many gamers are opting for a mechanical keyboard for its incredible speed, life expectancy, responsiveness, and predominant gaming experience. And at the same time, a significant fraction of users still prefer a membrane keyboard because of its portability, soft keys, and low price in the market.

The Mechanical Keyboard Market report suggests that this gaming keyboard projects an increase in sales as a gamer becomes more mature and sustainable. Despite the accessibility and relatively low prices of membrane technology, still, there is considerable interest in a better life expectancy and robust material input.

1. One of the key characteristics of a mechanical keyboard is that it allows you to remove keycaps for cleaning and even customization. You can beautify your gaming rig as you see fit in the theme of your desktop.

2. Since mechanical keyboards are not using a membrane inside, the structure takes a long time to wear out. This fact means you do not have to replace your keyboard from time to time. A mechanical keyboard stays the same from day one even though you are using it almost throughout the year.

3. Typists benefit in a mechanical keyboard since typing doesn’t require much effort, and they are more accurate than membrane keyboards. If you are a fast typer, buttons easily register to make usage beneficial for gamers who need to hit one or more buttons quickly. A mechanical keyboard needs to be half-pressed to function, allowing for faster speed and lesser fatigue.

Disadvantages of Buying a Mechanical Keyboard

1. The weight of a mechanical keyboard can be three times heavier than a membrane keyboard, which can be an advantage for some. Its heavyweight makes the keyboard more stable and intact when, for example, typing or playing a game.

2. Buttons of a mechanical keyboard can be loud, especially the blue keys. So, having a mechanical keyboard in places that people want to spend some quiet time is not good since they will hear you typing away. If you are in an enclosed space, no one will hear you type. But then again, some typists enjoy and do not mind the sound at all.

3. A mechanical keyboard is very expensive. You cannot find a cheap mechanical keyboard, even in low-end tiers costing less than 70 U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, you can buy a membrane keyboard for less than 10 U.S. dollars. It is more expensive since the mechanical keyboard has more parts and takes intensive labor in making it as powerful as possible.

User’s preferences depend on their own free will. These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of a mechanical keyboard. And it is up to you whether you give it a try or opt for other types of keyboards that suit you.