Choosing the right window treatment starts with finding the best professional company to work with. You can do it DIY but the right professional touch makes all the difference. Professional window experts like Gator Blinds Florida help you understand your options, offer best design and expert consultation along with custom made window treatments and their installation. Blinds, shades or shutters – a successful window treatment expert can help you choose the right fit.


Once used on the home exteriors, they soon made their way inside. Plantation shutters are a classic window treatment in Florida due to being energy efficient, elegant and durable. They have large louvers and be adjusted easily to allow the amount of light you want to let in through your windows. They look lovely everywhere, inside or outside. Alucore Poly Shutters are the best shutters since they have reinforced aluminum in the stiles and louvers. They are highly energy efficient 70 % better than wood and 1600% better than aluminum.

Wood Shutters are made from real wood and look elegant and classy. They are expensive and you can install them in dry areas of your home – bedroom, living room, study or media rooms. Faux wood shutters are good for high moisture areas like kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms. They are super easy to clean and low on maintenance.


Blinds are an equally classic window treatment like the shutters. They come available in variety of materials, styles, colors and textures. So, whether you choose vertical, horizontal or vinyl blinds, they’re a great energy saving window treatment. Orlando Vertical Blinds hang from top of the window and cover sliding doors and bay windows well. They slide from side to side when they are opened. When closed, they keep out the cold or heat. They do not completely block the light, some light will come in.

Horizontal blinds are great at maintaining privacy. They lay on the top of each other when they are opened allowing full view of the outside. When closed, they allow no one peeping in your home.


Roman, roller, cellular, woven wood shades all offer high degree of energy efficiency and privacy control. A warm tropical look, woven wood shades are a good fit. Elegant and great insulator, pick cellular shades and roman shades for sheer luxury.

Roman Shades are an elegant addition to your home and are available in huge variety of options like cordless lift or motorized, top down/bottom up, decorative bottom trims, sheer fabrics or complete blackout fabrics. Cellular shades, their unique construction offer excellent insulation, keeping your homes warm in winters and cool in summers. They are available in different cell size and different opacity levels from sheer, semi-sheer or opaque.

Woven wood shades are crafted from reeds, bamboo and all natural fibers and give a tropical look and feel to your rooms. You can find huge variety of fabrics and material options to complement your home’s décor.

No matter what window treatment – shutters, blinds or shades you choose, window treatment in Florida are in plenty.