Simple or less is always good and so is minimalism. Minimalism is an art of living our lives with only the things that we really need. Minimalism at its core is structured by intentionality which is derived from purpose and clarity.

It is the ideology of living life with things that matters the most to us and simply eliminating the things that distracts us from it. You can begin living this lifestyle by starting with purchases of basic things like floating book shelves, minimalist wallet etc.

Minimalism Is Freedom:

Minimalism Is Freedom
The corporate world that we live in today has laid out the notion that quality of life depends on accumulating things. They have created a notion that possessing as much as possible symbolizes happy life.

But the ideology that they try to inflict on us is wrong. Minimalism is the real freedom from the passion to acquire. It values soul care and that helps us to find life.

Minimalism Paves Way For Smoother And Peaceful Life:

Peaceful Life
Our life travels at a hectic pace. This existence stresses us and rushes us to a place where no one knows. Though we work passionately for hours to pay our bills yet we find ourselves in deeper debts. We make efforts to remain in touch with others at least even through our mobile phones but we fail to experience that true life changing relationships.

This is where minimalism comes in, it helps us to slow down the pace at which we live our life and frees us from this modern mania. It encourages us to seek only the essentials and helps to eliminate the frivolous from our life.

Many families who once used to accumulate things as much as their credit card or income allowed have adapted the Minimalistic lifestyle and never wants to go back to the way their life was before.

Minimalistic life is completely achievable but the beginning is the most difficult part of all. You can begin your journey in to minimalism with the purchase of some basic minimalistic goods like floating book shelves, small size walletetc.

Floating Book Shelves:

Floating Book Shelves
They are just as normal as your other book shelves and are used for the purpose of storing books. You can just set up them on your Wall and place some books on them. They are very simple yet elegant.


They are simple and cost efficient. They do not occupy more of your wall. They will give your wall a classic appearance.

The Small Size Wallet:

The Small Size Wallet
As the world is moving towards a cashless society the regular wallets have become an unnecessary one. With digitalization having their impact on everything right from business cards to cash receipts, and payment platform services like paytm and tez have made the task of making payments quite simple.

Nowadays, it is the cards that you need the most. It becomes quite easy to find the card youneed, as there won’t be too much stuff stuffed in the smaller wallet like the regular wallet.


They are much comfortable than the regular one and even last longer than them.

Thank god, you can save your back with them. God know the pain that you experience on your back when you sit on your lumpy back pocket for a long time. Doctors say that this can actually cause a huge health hazard in the long run. Putting pressure for a long time on the nerves exiting the lower back by sitting on your wallet can cause problems in the mechanics of your body like sciatica.

You can extend the lifetime of your credit or debit cards. Since you can place this wallet in your front pocket you will not be sitting in your cards any more thus you can ensure the longevity of your cards. You can save yourself from the pain of having to get your cards changed often.

Since you will be placing your wallet in your front pocket, you reduce the chance of getting pick pocketed.

The usage of small sized wallet actually improves your look and makes you look more organized as your credit or debit cards, ID cards, name cards and travel cards will be arranged in a manner, which helps you stay organized.