Many people will experience a time in their life when things don’t seem to be going right for them. It could be a career glass-ceiling, a midlife crisis or a divorce or perhaps something has happened that has left you with a ruined reputation or a blockage that you simply cannot move past. Perhaps you experienced a traumatic event of some kind. Whatever the case, many people fail to recognise where the issue is, and they simply keep on pushing ahead. Trudging is probably the right word. There is a lack of happiness and excitement and it doesn’t make for good mental health. It is at a time like this when a move can be a good idea. There is an old saying which suggests that a change is as good as a holiday, so, if you are feeling unable to move forward where you are, maybe it is time to look at relocating. It is not as hard as you think.

The world is surprisingly small

Don’t end up not moving because you think that it is going to be too hard. Yes, you have roots and you have possessions, but once you have worked out what is holding you back, you can pack what you need and head off to greener pastures. We know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but we also know that if you keep doing the same thing repeatedly and you keep getting the same results, then maybe it is time to try something new. A quick internet search for something like ‘removalists Sydney to Newcastle’ will be able to provide the name of a company that operates in your current area and your new home. They will come in and take care of relocating your possessions, the rest is up to you.

Reinvention time

Leaving behind a place that hasn’t been good to you can afford you the opportunity to reinvent yourself. If you have a chequered past and you feel like the mistakes of your youth have haunted you into adulthood, a new community and new networks will allow you to shed that and to reinvent yourself. You still need to be who you are, but a new city means that you can do that without being judged.


Some cities have more opportunities than others in specific fields. So, think about what it is that you are skilled or qualified at and try to match your destination with your skill-set. If you have struggled to find work in your field for instance, then it makes no sense to move to a more remote community where the employment opportunities are even less. So, do your research and plan accordingly. This isn’t a case of using removalist service or just use rocking up at the airport and catching the first plane out.

Broad horizons

Keep your mind open and your horizons broad. You don’t have to stick in the country where you currently live. One of the nice things about the modern age we live in is that it is easy to travel and work abroad. It is an opportunity to see the world and experience new things while earning at the same time. You may well find that there are more options for you overseas than there are in a new venue locally.