We have all wished to treat ourselves with a fur coat, at least once in our lives.

The feeling of warmth that a fur can give you and its soft embrace is something that we can’t find in any other item of clothing.

But how do you choose a fur? Which kind of coat fur is the best? What are the parameters to take into account to have a quality product while respecting the environment and animals?

Make the Best Choice for your Fur Coat

There are many questions to ask before letting go of your first purchase of an Elpidio Loffredo Chinchilla Coat! Thanks to this short article, you will be able to choose the quality fur that best suits your needs.

Today, the concept of “fur” has changed radically. The fur is no longer the long, heavy, brown-toned garment that had fascinated millions of women between 1975 and 1998, but a trendy element, also suitable for a casual outfit.

Sleeveless furs, real furs in a variety of colors, fur jackets, short furs: the choice is vast! This choice makes it even more challenging to understand the fur to wear.
If finally, you have decided to treat yourself with a fur, the first thing to take into account is the origin and type of leather.

Real Quality Fur: Elpidio Loffredo Chinchilla Coat

One of the questions clients ask the most once they decided to by a fur coat is precisely the origin of the leathers used. Before buying an item that involves a particular expense, it is right to ensure its quality.

It is essential to ensure the quality of the leather to see if a fur is good. Elpidio Loffredo, for instance, uses the most exquisite leathers from auctions all over the world to produce its furs.

For the whole collection, for chinchilla furs, Elpidio Loffredo uses only female skins, providing ultra-light furs. Customers appreciate the quality of the chinchilla furs Elpidio Loffredo also because of it: they do not weigh too much compared to others. And if you still haven’t clear in mind which kind of fur to choose, we can recommend you an Elpidio Loffredo Chinchilla Coat. The chinchilla fur is one of the most valuable ever, thanks to the softness of the fur coat. Chinchilla is very soft, rich in shades, defined mainly by the color grey, black and white.

Another crucial aspect to understand the quality of fur is the type of manufacturing. Every year artisans refine their working techniques to achieve perfection.

The chinchilla furs Elpidio Loffredo are entirely Made in Italy. Italian artisans carefully make each piece of Elpidio Loffredo Chinchilla Coat. A quality choice and durability, which is the real strength of the company, and the main feature of its creations. Elpidio Loffredo’s chinchilla furs are always made to the highest standards, regardless of cost and to ensure you still have a luxury fur.

Ecological Furs vs Real Furs

Due to price issues, it is easy to choose eco fur, leaving the real fur in the drawer of dreams. Often, moreover, there is the illusion that buying an eco-fur is more respectful of the environment, but it is not so.

Ecological or synthetic furs are created from oil-based materials that are incredibly polluting, not counting the disposal costs that they incur later.

Choosing a real fur, even if more expensive, and that respects the indications dictated in the convention on the international trade of the species threatened of extinction, is a gift that you give to yourself. It means, above all to make a conscious purchase of the fur’s production process and the origin of the skins.